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  1. Back from the dead :laugh:

    1. salesmerlin


      Welcome back <3 

    2. manniberlin


      Alive and kicking

    3. xXTenshiXx


      Welcome back. 🤣 lmao

  2. IMG-20170430-WA0013.jpeg

    Super hot!
  3. Summer 2017

  4. June 2017

  5. April 2017

  6. March 2017

  7. Random Sagging

    Random shots
  8. Socks

    Agreed! Love flashy socks as much as I love white crew socks
  9. Sup    buddy how low u sagging?


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. sagginlow123


      How low do u think a good sag looks

    3. Agentone


      depends on what the guy is wearing

    4. sagginlow123
  10. Jan 2017

  11. Happy New Years fellow saggers :D

    1. sagstvp


      Happy new year to you too!

    2. manniberlin


      May 2017 bring us tons of ur hot sagging pixx 

    3. Agentone


      11 hours ago, manniberlin said:

      May 2017 bring us tons of ur hot sagging pixx 

      Here's hoping ;)

  12. are you realy an agent ? you can put me in handcuffs, sexy :P

  13. Happy Holidays everyone! Wishing you all an awesome new year filled with hot sags :D

    1. manniberlin


      same to u, our dear friend and fellow sagger 

  14. Wishing for a new pair of Bronx :D

  15. Back


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