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  1. Free Tommy Robinson!

    That's different tho bro. That's yelling fire in a crowded theater. Can't do that. Freedom of speech doesn't protect threats causing chaos and stuff. I can't find anything wrong he did he was reporting on rapes. That is a pretty big deal ya know.
  2. Free Tommy Robinson!

    But lets not forget that there is no freedom of speech / first amendment in the UK anyways. I'm glad I live here than over there.
  3. Free Tommy Robinson!

  4. Y'all been watching this crazy **** happening in the UK?
  5. SexySaggerYo Videos

  6. Sagging pants and getting horny

    I think we all do here lol
  7. Dirtiness fetish

    You can watch TV and buy things from commentary in prison. Jail doesn't have that stuff yo.
  8. Dirtiness fetish

    and no I don't like the shackles they are uncomfortable and awkward lol
  9. Dirtiness fetish

    jail and prisons are different bro lol Prison is more chill and laid back
  10. Dirtiness fetish

    Ya know what else is nasty? Jail. No, I am being completely serious. The one I was at, they only let you shower only once a week, and that's in shackles too. I still haven't gotten over the sight and smell of the ******* (and I do NOT use this term loosely! If I offend you, I'm sorry but that's what they are) throwing and smearing their own **** on the walls either.
  11. Dancing Sagger

    I found his facebook page... there's no sagging. Still active tho... I wouldn't mess with military... That's just me tho
  12. Dancing Sagger

    I don't think he was "causing problems" lol He was just at the bad place at the bad time... The charges got dropped, but it's up the commander boss dude in the Army now. And the Army people never talk about stuff.
  13. Dancing Sagger

    I think I found it.
  14. Dirtiness fetish

    Hate being nasty.
  15. New Album Release

    Fo sho

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