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  1. There's been 6 bombings in Austin Texas in 2 weeks. People died... There's been 2 explosions today alone. There's a serial bomber running around Austin Texas. Please be safe <333
  2. Parkour

    lol not sagging ^^^
  3. Dillyyyyy baby lol 😊😋

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lee249


      Good to see ya fella :) fancy a natter with my bud. Will send a PM, brb after late Sunday roast. 

    3. Dillon
    4. Lee249


      Just sent the PM :) 

  4. Boxers vs. Briefs

    The only briefs I will wear are the black AE trunks and Thats only at the gym.
  5. What is the best brands for Boxer Shorts

    AE all the way
  6. I know this is bad but...

    Why do you think you own this place?
  7. I know this is bad but...

    Says the tighty whities wearer.........
  8. I know this is bad but...

  9. I know this is bad but...

    Not like that lol I am sure you could find my mugshots
  10. I know this is bad but...

    .... I forgot to add "with missing front teeth" to that.
  11. I know this is bad but...

    Are you going to someones house? God knowing only what they have in there and say, "Turn in your guns!" ??? Yeah... Didn't think so.
  12. I know this is bad but...

    Yeah do what exactly? And good luck trying to disarm tens of millons of beer belly pot smoking rednecks. I cant see that going well.
  13. I know this is bad but...

  14. I know this is bad but...

    so do we ban alcohol from alcoholics??

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