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  1. Dillon

    Hitting on this police officer boy

    Wow. That looks like a skater kid. Everyone here knows my issues with the cops and this sorta thing with being abusive and being road side Tyrants of North Korea. Little story from last night tho... My neighbor who is one of those ex Navy Seal dudes had a similar encounter. His neighbor called the copson my neighbor. (They have been in a heated property line dispute for a while now. Over like 2 inches of lawn) And They sent this MASSIVE HUGE Gladiator Glamazon woman cop who was just absolutely mountainous and scary af and mean. So anyways this glamazon cop rolls up to the navy seal dude's house while he was sitting on a chair in his driveway. She shined the spot light at him. He shined a light back at her. She threatened him and he said "No you on MY property you stupid *****" 😂 She freaked out and got on the radio and freaked out on the radio "HELP!!! SUSPECT IS BEING COMBATIVE!!! SEND CODE 33!!!" 2 mins later her lesbian girlfriend, Seargeant Could (I am serious they are girlfriend and girlfriend) shows up and freaks out and yeah it wasn't good at all lol Big gladiator Bertha knows exactly what she's doing.
  2. Hung out with the sagger bros Shane Dylan and Riley last night and hot boxed in the car with some blunts and chilled 😎

    1. CJS90


      i hope u where sagging low dillon

    2. Dillon


      Of course . we all didd

  3. Dillon


    I normally do it before I sleep and right after I wakey up and usually I wake up with my hands stuffed inside the front of my boxers aha I also 99% of the time sleep and sag too
  4. Dillon

    Video Games

    Not much of a gamer anymore but this looks reallyyyyy good
  5. My sagging with a 4loko thread got deleted.

    1. Lee249


      Uh... Where was this thread??

  6. Jacksonville. I am like 2 hours south of there. It's crazy man. People are fucked up for real
  7. We do. We care about him. His health.. His mental state....all that. He was brought up into the entertainment industry at a very young age which isn't really normal. And to.make matters even more creepy most of the people who run the industry are legit pedophiles anyways. He didn't live a normal and proper teenager life so he is unsure I am guessing. So now that the boy is supposedly getting married , he is getting everything off his chest to his new lady friend. He still a drama queen tho.
  8. What's the best tip you ever gotten bro?
  9. The further east you are the more expensive it is because most of it comes from California, Colorado and even smuggled through mexico and its gotta be transported and shipped. Gas costs money. The people transporting it need food and drinks and sometimes a motel all costs money and they eventually pass the costs down to the user. So the weed sent from California to the east coast is going to go costs at least 15-20$ a gram. It is basic commerence 101 really. Weed can be grown here in Florida but it just too hot right now. Maybe start inside then move it outdoors sun in the fall time 😁
  10. Yeah bro plus I am a good tipper. I usually tip 5 to 10 bucks plus I sometimes throw in a nug in a bill depending who it is.

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