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  1. Hmm.... I read a PM from someone saying it you using another account. Just replied to it. Was that you bro? 

  2. Yes.. and that's Miami too. I'm about 5 hours north. It never gets that cold in florida ever. lol need to make like a bon fire tonight or something
  3. Freezing ******* COOLLDDD and raining in Florida of all places. Fuxk.. if t was like 10 degrees colder it would be snow! Layering up, double sgging and wrapped in in a blankey. Freezing. Lol
  4. Feminism

    who is that? lol
  5. I need more 21 year old friendz. everyone I know are like around my age, 18,19 and 20. Hard to get booze because the age limit is 21 here :(

  6. yo broz, what boxerz should I get?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lee249


      You should. Boxers are comfy, they're good. Thought you had loads. I still prefer to wear bbs though lol 

    3. Dillon


      I have a lot of Hanes boxers but only like 2 AE's :)

    4. Dillon
  7. I won my police brutality case, guys! I'm rich now! hehe

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    2. TheOther1


      Apart from getting banned on here for causing riots lol

    3. Dillon


      hahahaha  yeah but I aint did nothing dawg :P

    4. Dillon


      I'm gunna get like 20 thousand dollars in the mail in the next 2 dayz

  8. Dillonnnnn 😉

    1. Dillon


      Leeeeeeee 😀

  9. pics now!!!

    Flameyyyy <3
  10. yo homie i need to talk to u

    1. Dillon


      What's up dawg

  11. Flameboard and I need Spanish help

    yeah well if those things didn't feel like they are breaking your wrists and ankles I wouldn't freak out lol
  12. Flameboard and I need Spanish help

    ^ What he said
  13. What are you wearing right now?

    Leeeeeeeeee!!! <33
  14. Anyone watch Alex Jones?

    my bad it was his guest who said it

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