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  1. A Or B?

    wheat jeans: skinny or baggy?
  2. What are you wearing right now?

    love this outfit! great sag too
  3. Pierced ears and earrings

    i think it can look hot when a guy wears diamond or black studs i didnt want to pierce my ears, but i got some magnetic studs and i think it's a good alternative
  4. Black skinny ripped jeans

    now that's the kinda style i like!
  5. AE red and green low rise trunk sags

    great outfit and sag!
  6. Help me sagging lower

    get a long tshirt
  7. Thanks for the reaction. You have a cute profile!!

  8. new sag

    amazing album!
  9. Calvin Klein Boxer

    great album with many hot sags and outfits!
  10. Mixed saggings

    totally agree
  11. Boston saggin

    hot outfits and sag!
  12. Sagging at home

    hot sag and outfit!

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