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  1. A Or B?

    wheat jeans: skinny or baggy?
  2. What are you wearing right now?

    love this outfit! great sag too
  3. some of the stuff i like to wear when i am sagging
  4. Pierced ears and earrings

    i think it can look hot when a guy wears diamond or black studs i didnt want to pierce my ears, but i got some magnetic studs and i think it's a good alternative
  5. Black skinny ripped jeans

    now that's the kinda style i like!
  6. AE red and green low rise trunk sags

    great outfit and sag!
  7. Help me sagging lower

    get a long tshirt
  8. gold chain

    From the album clothes, underwear and shoes (no-sagging)

    gold chain necklace with OBEY sweatshirt
  9. Thanks for the reaction. You have a cute profile!!

  10. studs

    From the album clothes, underwear and shoes (no-sagging)

    does the diamond look too feminine?

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