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  1. yeea straya C*** mad sag bro
  2. F**** yeah mad sag bro
  3. mad low sag bro
  4. sneaky double sag goin on bruh
  5. F**** yea skinnies
  6. c**k bruh pose is hot af you got kik or snap or someS*** bro?
  7. yeah fuckin mad low sag bruh
  8. F**** yeah! what you holdin dude
  9. lookin chill af
  10. fuckin hot sag bro
  11. If you confront him, it indicates that this is something you have worried about and spent time thinking of. If he reaches that conclusion, he now has leverage over you. I'd let it pass. It's not worth it. If you make it a big thing, it will become a big thing. THAT is when other people WILL "find out".
  12. yeah no **** aha aussies swear a lot normally, but some of us are even looser with our mouths
  13. I got mostly plain ones, but I've started buying some dope ass patterned ones. Tipsy. **** always ends bad when drunk lel No more sex OR never sag again?
  14. Ahah niqqa **** yo ass Jeans yo! Vodka or Beer?