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  1. yeea straya C*** mad sag bro
  2. F**** yeah mad sag bro
  3. If you confront him, it indicates that this is something you have worried about and spent time thinking of. If he reaches that conclusion, he now has leverage over you. I'd let it pass. It's not worth it. If you make it a big thing, it will become a big thing. THAT is when other people WILL "find out".
  4. yeah no **** aha aussies swear a lot normally, but some of us are even looser with our mouths
  5. I got mostly plain ones, but I've started buying some dope ass patterned ones. Tipsy. **** always ends bad when drunk lel No more sex OR never sag again?
  6. Ahah niqqa **** yo ass Jeans yo! Vodka or Beer?
  7. Vertical stripes yo. A - easy. Half the point of the sag is peeps that see it. I'm not gonna ask one cos three way is confusing as **** right now haha
  8. Dark Grey MIX boxerbriefs, light grey skinny jeans, a black tee with a sexy ass pic of Catwoman on it lmfao Sagging below my ass and at the start of my shaft.
  9. Fuckin' A. I mean, it might take some of the uniqueness away from sagging, but it would mean erryone had dat swag yo Have to sag boardshorts below ass shirtless at beach any time you go, OR not be able to sag them at all?
  10. anyone ever distance piss, like standin way back from the toilet or urinal haha?
  11. F**** yeah! bought new **** to wear :)

  12. Scene is more colourful than Emo, based less on the persona of emotion, and more on the whole fashion and look. Emo's more gothic and generally into more classical metal music, whereas Scene is stuff that's currently in the "scene" - punk and hardcore music. How's that definition fly by you guys?
  13. hot pics, nice albums!

  14. oi bro you should get on chat or add on msn yeah?