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  1. Contradicting everyones opinion here, I agree with pokemon personally I like that low sagging above the knees with those boxers under his butt. Anyway, the long t shirt covers everything up which makes it hotter, don’t you guys think?
  2. This is the only picture I could find of him "sagging" in public.
  3. https://youtu.be/lw1jbJJo2G0 low sagging especially from the guy in black jeans.
  4. Super hot jeans sagging 😍
  5. I don’t find those sags exciting in any way...
  6. Wow that was super hot but they cut the video at the best part...
  7. The shirtless guy is sagging super low and his dingus hasn’t popped out...damn!
  8. I find the lowsagger in jeans extremely hot.
  9. The grinding on his sag is so hot.
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