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  1. You're divine Alex x

  2. I’m more interested in the guy wearing the red boxers :))
  3. Also the fact that these tiktok vids are kids 🤣 I support sagging from everyone no matter their age
  4. If you have no pictures to post on the topic then please refrain from arguing. I also don’t think he sags anymore does he?
  5. There’s no “proper” way to sag. It shouldn’t be embarrassing, instead we should all be supportive of each other. And I don’t think sagging is “ridiculous”. Stop hating and start embracing.
  6. Omggg he looks do old now
  7. I find this thread uncomfortable sorry.
  8. It’s just his waistband, idk if I would consider that sagging?
  9. He doesn’t sag anymore which Is a shame…
  10. That was a hot sagger for sure!
  11. Hahahha I found that so funny I couldn’t stop laughing
  12. Follow me on Instagram @ hotsaggeralex 

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