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  1. Sagsy

    New Music

    I’d never heard of Terror Jr before but they sound pretty good - I’m gonna have to keep listening. 🙂 My favourite new album atm is probably the Ting Tings’ new one. It’s called The Blacklight and it’s got a super dancy/EDM/90s-type vibe going on. And the lead singer’s vocals are just on fire as ever. 🤘
  2. Sagsy

    Favorite underwear

    My favourite’s probably some blue Lonsdales I own. They’re not really fancy, and they are kinda chavvy, but they fit really nice and they show everything off really well. 😅
  3. I was doing some online shopping last night and, obviously, I was looking on the underwear pages. Some of the prices were kinda crazy and it got me wondering, what's everyones the most expensive pair of underwear they own? For me, it's a pack of Calvin Kleins that I got in a sale for I think £10 or so. They should've been £30/40-ish but someone on eBay was selling them at a stupid price! Basically, I think I'm pretty cheap! 😅
  4. My last two jobs didn't have any uniform so I could sag at both - one was a stockroom job and the other was a sales job at a games shop. I never sagged too low, just in case I got told off, but I always showed something off. 😛The guys at the game shop used to sag super low, though, so I should've joined in, really. 😅 At my current job I have to wear a uniform, annoyingly, so I can't really sag low but I usually have my waistband on show at least. 🙂
  5. Hi guys! It's been ages since I was last online (2015 was my last post...) so consider this a reintroduction - hope I've not missed too much! 😀

  6. Sagsy

    What Are You Watching Right Now

    I'm doing a double bill of Wheel of Fortune from '97 currently. It was Bradley Walsh's second TV job and he's just so awful. He keeps making really bad jokes, his hair looks terrible, his suit is so garish it's blinding my eyes and his co-host is all leg and no personality. It's so addictive.
  7. Sagsy

    Back to briefs

    If I looked as good as Mark did, I don't think I'd ever wear boxers again. I switch between baggy boxers and briefs now-a-days, though - really it all depends on what I fancy when I wake up. I switched back to them when I was 13 and then introduced boxer briefs when I was 16 or so and regular boxers again a couple years back, when I was 18. I'm almost 20 now and I'm slowly going back to them more and more - I probably do 60% boxers/40% briefs now.
  8. Sagsy

    What are you wearing right now?

    Loving all the photos guys - that's a good pick-me-up at gone midnight. I'm looking a bit chavvy myself currently - white polo shirt, dark grey joggers and some new blue Lonsdale briefs. I've been wearing regular briefs a lot recently, actually, and I've gotten pretty into sagging with them - I'm not showing quite as much as my boxers, granted, but I'm still making sure to show something off. Anyone else been sagging them at all?
  9. I've always wanted to sport a speedo myself but I've never had the guts... or the body. I got one a few years back for school lessons but I chickened out at the last minute. Guys look super hot in them, though, and do they look more comfortable than shorts to me (it's not all about sex appeal ), so I really should get the guts to sport them next time I go swimming...
  10. I've just found this really cool Finnish band called Haloo Helsinki. I have no idea what they're saying but they're so good:
  11. Haven't been on here in ages - can't believe I keep forgetting to check in! How many great sags have I missed guys? :P

  12. Sagsy

    Help Finding Next Boxerbriefs

    I think I remember one of my friends in secondary school wearing the same undies, actually - they looked pretty good on him from what I remember. He always wore Next so I think you're in the right area. I just found a similar style by Calvin Klein if it takes your fancy. It's the same floral waistband though it's not as impressive as I remember the Next ones to be. Worth a shot, though...
  13. Well, it does all make sense now! I did spend an unusually long time swooning over someone the other day and it was rather cloudy. I'll be sure to bring my umbrella next time, just in case I get too flustered. Have has anyone seen the 'UkipWeather' account on Twitter, that someone set up in response to the letter? "The sun makes a brief appearance after John Barrowman stubs his toe on the corner of a wardrobe" was a particular highlight from the last few days of updates.
  14. Sagsy

    Sagger Videos

    I'd never be able to pull it off myself but, it must be said, I think the emo style's definitely becoming one of my favourites... and especially after those videos! The forth one, with the guy in the white jeans, was hot man.
  15. Sagsy

    Something Different - Films

    I'm actually seeing this film tomorrow and you've totally convinced me even further to watch it! The trailer definitely doesn't do it justice if that's the case - I was kind of hoping there'd be a surprise serious side to it so it's good to know my hopes are true! I'll be sure to give you my reaction once I'm back from the movies.

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