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  1. GcIt


    Hey man, I read from your profile that you're 13yo. Every single person lives and builds his or her sexuality in a personal way, and many people pass through an "exploration" phase when their sexuality is not so clear to them. This may consist of an istant doubt for someone, or of many years of confusion for others. I'm 18 and I'm starting now to understand what's going on in my brain :S so take your time to understand who you're attracted to. Maybe you are straight and you're just temporarily physically interested in guys; or maybe you are exploring other aspects of your sexuality you hadn't considered before. I know this doesn't help much but I can't tell you whether you're gay or not, primarly because I don't know you well, and secondly because there might be no answer yet. So the point actually is what torsion said (yeah I'm realizing my post might be pretty much a waste of time) plus the "don't rush things" advice I tried to give you. Ok, I probably like to complicate things. Just live as you feel and don't care about being judged, if you go with a guy that's ok, if you wanna stay with a girl, that's ok too. Don't be anxious to categorize (do you say that in english?) your sexuality. That's why I love the "I don't like labels" option on Sw profiles Keep an open mind, cultivate interests and love all the way, these for me are the secrets to be happy
  2. Entrance exame at university for studying medicine and surgery... results in 2 weeks! Fingers crossed :)

    1. Miguel


      Yes, good luck!!

    2. Lee249


      Good luck mate! :)

  3. New pics up, waiting for approval. Not so satisfied but... here you are :) All advices welcome!

  4. Flute for 6 years now I'd love to play the cello too but I don't have time for that... Yeah Rekhel a saggers orchestra would be awesome haha
  5. First gay weddings in New Zealand! Go kiwis!! :D

    1. stanleyp


      thats a bit late innit.... but to be faor, it is the 14th... dont get why they have to be illegal...?!??!?

  6. Tonight the sky is all clear and dark just wonderful. With a few falling stars, too, and a slow, refreshing wind. Around 28-30°C anyway. Sunny and hot all day.
  7. If there is going to be a wide discussion on gay marriages I suggest to create a new topic. I think one already existed actually. Anyway a reply to Fabik's post, even if UBCsagger was faster than me. Nothing against you, man, I don't want you to think I'm not respectful to your ideas. First, your first point isn't clear to me. In my opinion "I want to be able to marry my boyfriend" looks like a declaration of love, that's to say "I want to make our relationship official and in some way sacred in front of the law. I don't see any attempt of imitating or "admiring" heterosexuality. I please ask you to consider the sexuality itself a different thing from the rights people have because of it. I don't see your second point as a reason for not allowing gay marriage. I remember you, as UBCsagger did, that we are talking about allowing them, not making them compulsory. And again, as he said there are tons of burocratical, economic and legal reasons for getting married. For example if your partner is very ill and visits to the hospitals are restricted to the familiars by the LAW, then if you're not married you are not allowed to be with your life-long love for his or her last minutes of life. That was an example, please don't consider this one as the only reason. And what's the problem if gay people want to get married and straight people don't? I personally don't find it incoherent nor a valid reason not to allow gay marriage. Finally, tradition. Not so many years ago it was considered against tradition if a black man married a white woman or viceversa. It is the SAME thing. Except for the fact that we are talking about sexuality and not skin colour. This also counts in many other cases. Your third point. I believe this is wrong. First, you are making me think that allowing gay marriage in some way takes away some of the importance given to marriage, going towards a degeneration of it. I firmly disagree with this as gay marriages are IDENTICAL to straight marriages except for the sex of the people involved. We are not talking about more than 2 people, or animals. I could actually have been offended that you consider allowing gay marriage on the way of allowing marriages with cats. No offence to all the cats registered on the site. I got your point but I think it's totally wrong. Maybe this answer wasn't necessary 'cause UBCsagger actually said what I thought, but I had started writing this so I had to post it I tried to change your mind trying to demonstrate that your argumentations weren't good. If I didnt succed, please tell me so that I can try again, I'd love to demonstrate you that there's nothing bad about gay marriages And thank you for your stats, torsion. That explains quite a lot. Not to consider all the countries were homosexuality is punished with death.
  8. Thank you Fabik for your contribution, this can make me explain this better. The insults I was talking about do not consist in telling "gay" or similar to somebody. I consider that a description, even if said with derision (of course I don't like it, but I AM gay, so what if they just remember me). I'm talking about more heavy insults like all the stereotypes we all already know about gays, such as way of clothing, infidelity, etc. The insult is not "haha, you're gay", it is "haha, you're weak/different from us/mentally ill/effeminate/ridiculous/WRONG BECAUSE you are gay". Hope that's clear now. The killing thing was to remark that there is a crime called in italian "prodding to suicide". They are now trying to understand if someone brought this boy to the point of committing suicide. It is a crime which is equiparated to murder if the victim is less than 14 yo. So he may actually have been killed. But of course that was a metaphore. Yeah you are right, I shouldn't have said I hate those people. That was only a strong reaction. But let me say I don't respect their behaviour and their ideas. That's also my opinion about the gay marriages thing. I strongly agree with gay marriages and adoptions, because they would make our society closer to giving everyone the same rights. But that's another topic. The last thing I wanted to talk about is that you are not convinced that his homosexuality was his only reason to kill himself. I honestly don't know, but I am sure that could be true. If he is, sorry, was a weak, or maybe if he believed himself that being gay is wrong, isn't it our society's fault anyway? It is indeed! He is a victim, no matter of what reasons he had to kill himself. And we know for sure that his homosexuality was if not the only, one of the main reasons he had. That's sad and scary. I hope that was more clear now.
  9. Hey guys, Sorry to add unpleasant things to this great site but I needed to share this. Six days ago, here in Rome, a 14 years old boy killed himself, jumping from the fifth floor of the building he lived in. He left a letter for his parents and friends, apologizing for his decision and explaining his reasons. He liked boys and didn't know how to live with this. He didn't know how to say it to his parents or friends. He wasn't strong enough to bare the insults, the discrimination and the jokes directed to him by the whole society. It wasn't suicide. He was killed. He was killed by millions of narrow-minded people. People still inspired by values that belong to a remote past of our society, still unable to accept the differences of our society. I hate this people. But I am a better person than them, so I won't kill anyone, instead of what they did to a boy whose "fault" was to love. Love. And I am scared. I am deeply scared by all of this. I can just hope this is not gonna happen again, but I know it is. Sorry guys to bother you but I believe this was important to be shared.
  10. GcIt

    What are you wearing right now?

    It is indeed! Now wearing my new pair of striped jules boxerbriefs and some bb shorts... sagging of course
  11. GcIt

    A Or B?

    Drop crotch pants. They are like marmite. You can either love them or hate them. But I hate marmite Fall or spring?
  12. GcIt

    A Or B?

    Museum - I mostly don't like zoos.. if you want to see a living animal, just go where it lives, or turn on the tv. Philosophy or Engineering?
  13. I deeply hope you're talking about centigrades. It's still august.

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