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    I'm just a dude who studies psychology, philosophy, and computer science. I also love sagging and dudes who sag low. I am easy to get along with and kinda tend to be shy. Just hit me up for a conversation or something!
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  1. HouseMD

    Hova-crappy music-great sag

    Dang. He sure knows how to sag
  2. HouseMD

    Nash Grier

    He is a real cutie.
  3. It's cold as hell here in the mountains of West Virginia sadly.
  4. HouseMD

    Do You Play An Instrument?

    I am able to play the paino, but I can only do it by ear. I could never learn sheet music and how to do it :-(
  5. I honestly don't understand what makes it so freaking hot, but it is the Airsoft paint camo clothing that is so freaking hot to me. I honestly have no idea why :L Does anyone else find military uniforms for paint ball hot as hell? Here is a good pic of what I mean :S Just wooooow <3
  6. I have some new amazing pics waiting to be approved. I got my style back :D


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