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  1. hot pics1! any more?

  2. The only way I've been able to get real skinny jeans is to buy womens and I have two pairs. They don't have real pockets and aren't in a good denim. A couple of weeks ago the local chain store flyer had mens jeans advertised and as well as straight, boot and regular for the first time they had "skinny". They looked good in the pix so I went and tried a pair on. They were black stretch denim and a perfect tight fit all the way down with 4 button fly. I was able to come (not in the shop although it was close!) down two sizes to 82cm (32"). They were so good I bought two pairs and have
  3. love the skinny jean sagging pics and your profile pic is hot!!

  4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]10746[/ATTACH] I've become very addicted to skinny jeans and I have been experimenting with my favorite pair. I have sewn up the crutch seam (yet to finish off inside the leg seam) and the attched show the result. At normal height they are low, the belt rests on the top of my shaft, but just a little further down puts them under my butt or for party nights under my bulge. Tim
  5. Little Bro and I have been jerking off into the same pair of briefs since December last year so we decided to bring the "experiment" to an end. I wore them for seven days up til last Friday. I had jerked off in them very morning I had them and wore them to work under my boxer briefs and work shorts, The smell was incredible. Last Friday I jerked off in them and gave them to Jamie (Little Bro) to wear to school. They were warm and wet when he put them on. All the school kids here sag so he wore his oldest smallest T shirt under his school jumper so that the briefs were clearly visi
  6. I love skinny jeans - so they look like ballet tights? I had chance (it started as a dare) to go on stage a couple of years ago in tights and it was soooo hot knowing people were looking at my bulge!!
  7. where you hangin out

  8. Hey I am new to the sagging scene and just looking to make new friends--you seem cool...

  9. Im just checking the site before I go into town. I'm wearing Little Bros size 12 briefs (now unwashed for 4 months), thermal long pants (makes the jeans tighter) striped boxer briefs, satin blue boxers, size 12 stretch jeans, New Rock boots, studded belt, tight black muscle shirt, black and white hoodie and black and white cap. Should create a bit of attention at the mall!
  10. As I've told you before I work with a 17yo apprentice who I eventually got to sag although he wears boxer briefs and very long shorts to work it still looks good. I finally got him to share our very old unwashed briefs the other day. He's very quiet and would never wear speedos to the beach or short shorts but doesn't worry about appearing in public in his kapa haka outfit - would you do this? All he has is a black thong with a belt and a bit of flax at the front - wish he would turn up for work like this
  11. Finally our "boy" asked about the smells and I confessed what Little Bro and me had been doing in our shared briefs. He's a bit reserved, which is strange seeing as he belongs to the local cultural group and spends a lot of time on stage before several hundred people jumping up and down, wearing only a black thong with bits fur and straw at the front and with tattoos on his face, chest, back, buttocks and thighs and with ferns in his hair, anyway I offered to let him share with the briefs and we changed at lunchbreak and he put them on under his boxer briefs all afternoon and until lunctime to
  12. Yes our 17yo apprentice is sagging well now after a bit of tuition. This forum set me thinking so yesterday during the lunchbreak I disappeared off site and jerked off but into my hand instead of Little Bro's briefs. It's been very hot here so I've only been wearing a singlet to work and most of the day I don't wear that either. I rubbed a handful of cum under each arm and it dried very quickly. There was a lot of sweat under there too by the end of the day and quite a strong smell in the ute on the way home. I forgot to shower last night (!) so by now both pits have a real strong sm
  13. hey dude! hows things? got any more of ure amazing pics coming soon, i still want them boxers u have hahaha

  14. I really like jerking off into a pair of boxers I am going to wear - so what if there are damp marks? Like I said in my Christmas Revenge post back in December my brother and i have been sharing a pair of briefs which he often jerks off into at night (that's when he wears them) and I often have a jerk off at work (I wear them under my satin boxers and work shorts). He's stayed with his mate a few times since we started this and I think he's also had a go in them. They are now getting really rank and smelly now as it's been very hot here and wer're coming (!) up to over 3 months use 24/7.
  15. Yep - still the same. They actually smell quite good. We haven't pissed in them (apart from a few dribbles!) so they aren't too strong. You can smell them if you sit at the computer as the smell seems to rise. I get them back Monday morning to go to work in. They're great when he takes them off and I put them on as they're warm and very smelly. I'm going to try and jerk off in them during the day if I can. This week there's only the Boss and our 17yo Maori apprentice on site so I should get a chance if the go offsite. It's hot sitting in the Bosses ute with 3 of us in the fro
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