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  1. ackackack

    Who loves to piss in the pants?

    I've done piss play with my ex before, but I'd love to have some straight sagger piss all over me.
  2. Awesome new pic set

  3. ackackack

    Loose skate kicks

    Nice, love those loose DVS shoes
  4. ackackack

    Skater Sagging

    This one's been posted before but deserves another mention, so ******* hot.
  5. You snap some real good pics mate! Already excited about what else we're gonna hopefully see :) 

    1. ackackack


      Thanks! I'll be posting more soon.

    2. Lee249


      Sooner the better man.... Make an album of it :) 

  6. ackackack

    Flameboard - Trainers/Sneakers For Sale

    Sounds hot, would love to see that
  7. ackackack

    need loosy big sneakers

    Yup, really can't go wrong with osiris, but supra and circa have some nice wide shoes with big tongues too.
  8. Awesome new pics man! Love them sags and the bbs are wicked. Congrats 😉👍

  9. ackackack


    someone's excited lol
  10. ackackack

    Whats Ur Favourite Skate Shoes?

    Anything loose and trashed

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