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  1. ehrenmann

    concert in zurich1.jpg

    Are you the one on the right?
  2. ehrenmann

    Winter BB with Jeans

    Those boxer briefs are awesome 😍
  3. ehrenmann

    BB with Jeans and (Without Shirt)

    Looks nice. I love that tiny bit of hair under your navel
  4. ehrenmann

    Is it ok if i'm on here?

    Welcome Logan. I chated with your cousin here. You're lucky to have such a nice and encouraging cousin.
  5. ehrenmann

    Word Association Game

  6. I'm just wondering, how low do you sag in public?

  7. nice sagging

    1. ehrenmann


      Thanks man, I appreciate that :) 

  8. ehrenmann

    Vid of you sagging

    Thanks man. Yeah, I love this boxers (and the elephants)
  9. Just wondering how it feels to sag with a buddy 😁

    1. boyzzz1994


      It would be an honor to find that out with the three of us! :)

    2. ehrenmann


      Yeah, it would be indeed. You are far away, though.

    3. boyzzz1994


      Yeahhh 😕

  10. ehrenmann

    What are you wearing right now?

    Thank you man
  11. ehrenmann

    Word Association Game

  12. ehrenmann

    What are you wearing right now?

    I'm wearing this:
  13. ehrenmann

    Vid of you sagging

    Hey, thanks a lot bro. Yeah, sure, I'd love to. I wrote you here and on kik.
  14. ehrenmann


    nice sag man
  15. ehrenmann

    Vid of you sagging

    So, I uploaded my first video. I know, it's not perfect, it's my first time. Feedback and contructive critisism is highly appreciatetd. Thank guys.

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