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    I'm kind, lovable, and a real cuddle-monster. I observe, and I'm not a heartbreaker.
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  1. SaggerLogan

    What are you wearing right now?

    sagging my joggers showing off my blue shorts with a red hoodie
  2. SaggerLogan

    What are you wearing right now?

    red sweatshirt hoodie red pants and black shorts
  3. I prefer to sag in joggers/sweatpants and idk if this question was asked or watever but I also shorts underneath my joggers/sweatpants.
  4. SaggerLogan

    Any guy bi or gay?

    17 and bi
  5. SaggerLogan

    Love It

    I love this site. it's fun and I love it.
  6. SaggerLogan

    Are the Heart or the Hammer?

    lee249 ur like me
  7. SaggerLogan

    What do I do?

  8. SaggerLogan

    Are the Heart or the Hammer?

    yep. i had to be both the heart and the hammer. which means i had to do what was best for me and still stay with her
  9. SaggerLogan

    Are the Heart or the Hammer?

    then choose both
  10. R u the Heart:use meaningful, loving ways to do things or R u the Hammer:use any means necessary to do things. What I mean is R u a Cuddle-Monster or a Heartbreaker?
  11. single but not ready to mingle yet and i'm bi

  12. Someone hacked my facebook account and decided to stop the ironic thing about it is that he/she didn't change anything else

  13. SaggerLogan

    What do I do?

    and evryone else thnk u
  14. SaggerLogan

    What do I do?

    well ironically that was the answer i needed also i broke up with her and she said she ain't heartbroken now im single but not ready to mingle yet until i find myself few more times and thnx for the answer u r right SaggersRhot it depends if u find urself rn i feel bi but then in the end i might like boys
  15. SaggerLogan


    I haven answered this yet. Name:Logan Age:17 today Height:5´11 Style:Street Sexuality:Not sure Hobbies:Sagging, art, listening to music, watching tv, playing video games, and shopping for clothes which I wish I could. I´m little too young to answer this but I´ll answer it anyway. Location:Saginaw, Michigan, USA

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