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  1. lukedude19

    Does Anyone Sag Below Ass

    Only way to go
  2. lukedude19

    Pierced ears and earrings

    Both ears since i was 15
  3. lukedude19

    How Straigt/gay Are You?

    High 5 for me
  4. lukedude19

    Silky shorts fetish

    Same here bro
  5. lukedude19

    I am having a hard time with finding myself

    I would like to help in any way possible bro hmu!!!
  6. lukedude19

    Practical recommendations please!

    Love freeguns got a few of em
  7. lukedude19

    Does Anyone Sag Below Ass

    Me earlier today (null)
  8. lukedude19

    Does Anyone Sag Below Ass

    All the time
  9. lukedude19


    I am
  10. lukedude19


  11. lukedude19


    No problem sorry about that wont happen again (null)
  12. lukedude19


    Just waking up *** I've deleted this picture, please remember to keep within the site rules guys regarding pictures of bulges/boners etc. Thanks - Site Staff ***
  13. lukedude19

    What are you wearing right now?

    Just me and my hanes boxerbriefs in bed
  14. lukedude19

    How Many Pairs Of Underwear Do You Have?

    Will take a pic real soon

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