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    I LOVE under armour compression shorts tigght boxers running sports ask for more
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  1. Great album's and hot sagg

  2. Who does tumblr? Anyone follow UnderArmourGuys? Lol bet you didn't know that was me.

    1. flameboard


      Well the SaggerWorld Tumblr follows you :P

    2. Jakeboi


      Indeed you do! If u see post with "-jake" that's me posting I am a partner on the site we both run it.

  3. Uploaded 4 new photos :) hope to be approved and liked.

  4. Uploaded some new pics ! Sagger of the week material? Lol no I wish haha being approved then avalosble to you saggers.

    1. James86


      hey Jake so great. please chat soon again.

  5. Added a few Under Armour pics :D waiting for approval. Hope they get noticed. I love you SW community.

    1. skatercub


      can't wait - I should do the same as I have lots of UA

  6. My birthday is 4-12 too and my name is Jon :P epic !

  7. Name: Jake Age: 19 (20 in April) Height: 5"10 Weight: 180 Style: Jock/Prep Sexuality: Don't be gay be Bi get them all a try (: Hobbies: Football, track, Basketball Sagging Location: New York, NY. Hurricane Prone ):
  8. I'm sad ! ): I goto upload pics and the "choose file" option doesn't work! I don't know why. Also when does the sagger world tv start?

  9. Uploaded A few New Pics Waiting For approval.. hopefully youll all like :P

  10. heyy SKYPE?? (;

  11. uploaded a few double sagg pics waiting for them to be approved(;

    1. TheOther1


      All pics have been approved :)

  12. uploaded a few double sagg pics waiting for them to be approved(;

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