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    Im a natural Brunette :) im French, Italian and German and it shows in the way i look and the way i dress so ive heard from people lol. I am just an average guy, dropped out of school in October and hoping to smarten up my act this September to graduate June 2013. oh joy lmao! um i recently started playiing EVE woot lol and im cool like that xD and i honestly dont know what to say so... Peace!
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    art, photography, Star trek online, WoW, drawing, eating food lol!

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  1. Hey guys im back and i have a boyfriend :) hes loving my sagging ;)

    1. Miguel


      Congratulations! :)

  2. At a loss of Photo Ideas lol

  3. I have a new look for my Profile :) i like it... i kinda wanted to do something Mass Effect tho... lol

  4. my friends love to say this and its very true, It's not the size that counts, its the motion of the ocean and how you work it. you'll be just fine
  5. I reached my Quota for Possitive Votes :'(

  6. FrozenHeart

    Best BJ

    Right there you sound kinda like a guy i know, he says hes Bi, and he is all for ******* chicks and getting head from a guy but when it comes to actually doing it to another guy or even ******* him, he needs to be drunk or not even do it. To me i dont understand how somone is bi if it takes them being drunk to do something with a guy other than them getting blown by one. not to be offencive or anything but im really curious how that works
  7. 18 and slowly getting older :'(
  8. Deisel for sure C-in2, 2x-ist, and american eagle!
  9. Mostly Twice a day, once when i wake up and once when im about to go to bed, it depends if i had a good sleep, if im not sore or injured from work or other activities the day before and if i can reach my laptop from my bed in the morning lol and at night it depneds if im sick or sore lol or just really tired
  10. My boxerbriefs because they are perfect for me to sleep with lol
  11. Id like to be more active in this site... just need to be less shy haah

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. FrozenHeart


      JDawg, ill try not to be such a lurker from now on :)

    3. CosmoBoy


      and get to the chat, it's nice and private too

    4. FrozenHeart


      oh right talk on the chat too! :)

  12. More back pics shall be posted soon

  13. thanks for your comment dude ! I can't remember the brand of the jeans on this pic, I'm sorry !! I'ts either H&M or Levi's Engineered...

    1. FrozenHeart


      Thanks for your comment too! next time im in H&M ill look for some great jeans! your elevator pics are amazing! great saggin!

  14. Im Cut and im 19, i love being cut, means my head had room to grow without foreskin
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