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  1. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    Mate lol
  2. @Pokemon said something that hit me the other day in regards to more outside than SW... It is a hobby afterall. 

    I am often stretched & that's my own honest to god fault. Finding the right balance in your time is key. Just want to be open & honest with you guys on this subject.

    Always reply to PMs... Sometimes not right away. BUT, I do get to them guys.

    Lee x 



  3. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    Frenemies with benefits? 😕 Claim
  4. Lee249

    Your Morning Routine

    Wake up at 5:30 switch phone on & charge it, bog, brush teeth, shower, get dressed, put the kettle on, have breakie, quick scroll through news headlines, adjustments to image i.e sag, clothing & hair in front of mirror (gotta look pretty before the world sees me & professionally smart) 😛 Then hop onto the bus service i booked in advance. Log into FB check msgs & chill with tunes en route. Pop into Costa for a skinny cappuccino (more caffeine) Leg it upto the shop open up & do my job. I will spare those details. It'd take me a day just to write it up! Lol. That used to be my life. Hopefully, those days will return in the near future for all of us! Lockdown is gradually easing so that's an encouraging sign. Miss my work so much, that it's affected me mentally. Feel like i have no control over anything.
  5. Lee249

    Word Association Game

  6. Quite hot & humid. Another beautiful clear blue sky kinda day today it has been ☀️ It's a gorgeous evening here!
  7. Hey, The most talked about topic in Britain..... the weather! In Wittering it's been a warm, cloudy but breezy sort of affair with glimmers of glorious sunshine. Your go
  8. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Walk on the beach Beach ball or beach cricket?
  9. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    Guess i'll reply to myself then hahahaha 😊 Friends 👍
  10. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Bentley Tank or Ship? Haha
  11. I'm having a lazy one today enjoying all these hot sags SW has to offer. So many hot asses out there keeping it low & on show! Yummy. 

    I will be posting some fresh content in the coming days for y'all to drool over 😉

  12. Lee249

    A Or B?

    I usually toss with my right hand with my phone in the other 😊 Either top or bottom... I'm flexible aka versatile nowadays haha Hollister or AE?
  13. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Night club. Miss partying at the weekend! Those times will return. Left handed or right handed?
  14. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Bachelor 💯 percent. Nobody ties me down hehe 😛 Short distance or long distance?
  15. Lee249

    Flameboard's New Videos

    It's just banter Oli 😁
  16. I downloaded Evanescence's new album the other day and it's a cracker. Had no idea it was out! If you've not heard their latest material, listen to "oceans" and more importantly - "lost in paradise" Amy Lee is FAB as always!
  17. It was great talking to you tonight. Glad that you're ok! Was concerned. Now off to bed 😴

  18. Lee249

    Flameboard's New Videos

    A ball gag wouldn't go a miss lmao. This kinky devil feels better now. Have you thought about hog-tying him? Tie his arms behind his back so he can't remove the gag. GOD, I'm kinky! Anyone here wants to tightly gag me with several layers of duct tape? Be my guest. Keep me tied up & gagged & jeans falling below ass. I have white CKs on. No more words coming out of this filthy mouth 😊 Time for someone else to take control 😁
  19. Is this cause I didn't reply to your WhatsApp msgs? I know you suffer from anxiety as do i dude. Please get back when you feel ready.


  20. Lee249


    I don't know why this has happened it's affected me. I rang his number countless times. He never picked up i'm at a loss tbh. Just cause I don't see the msgs?
  21. Lee249


    @TheOther1 Oli, i'm deeply concerned about this.
  22. Lee249


    Why close your account? Has something happened? I did not see any of your WhatsApp msgs. I am throwing myself out there. I even rang you several times to make sure that you're ok. I do care you know! Same applies to all my contacts. Another flare up is worth it to save a life. I'm stressed out now 😢
  23. @SaggersRhot I only just received your msgs on WhatsApp dude. Please don't do anything stupid. I called you numerous times. Stay safe & take care, Lee 



  24. Lee249

    Anyone got any fetishes???

    Cheers Matt 👍

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