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  1. Have not been on here in a long time ... I miss this place!

    1. flameboard


      Well welcome back. Good to see you.

  2. BoxerBriefLove

    Jack & Finn Harries

    You can see it a little bit at the beginning when he spins around in his chair, but you see it most when he's in the back of his room and he's dancing which I think is also at the beginning of the video!
  3. BoxerBriefLove

    Jack & Finn Harries

    There's some sagging from Jack in their newest video! I'm so happy I found these boys, they actually make me so happy. :3 not even because they sag, just because they are the cutest things ever and I just love them and I've only known about them for maybe a couple weeks.
  4. if only someone on here lived near me ... I really need a chance for experimentation and I'm dying to make-out & have fun with a guy. 3;

  5. BoxerBriefLove

    Gay Sex With Straight Lads

    I read something about this scale! Apparently a survey was done with American men, and only 0.5% of men answered the survey with either a 0 - completely straight or a 6 - completely homosexual. The majority of males actually answered between a 2 and a 4, justifying that there is a high probability that a lot of men nowadays admit that they are attracted to both genders, and it may even be more popular one day in the future to be considered bisexual rather than being homosexual or heterosexual.
  6. BoxerBriefLove

    Gay Sex With Straight Lads

    Yeah, because I'll be honest here; I'm straight but I am completely open to experimenting with a guy. I'd probably do some **** with a guy if they asked me to, just to see how it is! I would probably never do it again unless I did like it, but in that case I wouldn't be gay, I'd probably be bisexual because I like it with girls as well. So no, you wouldn't make them gay, but if they liked it then you might make them bicurious/bisexual, but that's all up to the straight guy!
  7. BoxerBriefLove

    Snow Pix

    Yeah I'd have to agree, nothing was cancelled last Friday and we received about 10cm of snow, but it should have been cancelled ... Right now it's -20*C here windchill of -35 ... supposed to dip to -22*C with a windchill of -39 ... :/ coldest I've experienced in a while considering I live on the east coast of Canada, but we'd happily send you guys in the UK some of the cold! I don't like it !
  8. BoxerBriefLove

    Argument About Sagging And Sexuality

    Personally, I'm straight. I'm not into guys in the sexual way, as I can't stand the idea of being near someone's fully exposed ****, nor do I like to see them at all. I just seem to have a large fetish for sagging and just guys in their underwear. I could look at pictures of it all day and see it all day at school. I just love it, and it turns me on but I don't know why. It doesn't mean I'm gay and I'm interested in guys, but I am open to experimentation (a normal part of everyone's life; I must add). Some people are just too quick to judge, and I will admit that I hate seeing the "gangster" guys that walk around with their pants full ass and wearing baggy boxers, it's ugly. I like guys who sag boxer briefs, whether it only be a sneak peak of full ass, I love to see it and I just think it's a personal opinion for a lot of people, and I hate that the USA is trying to limit it, thankfully I live in Canada though.
  9. BoxerBriefLove

    Need Some Help ...

    Thanks to everyone ! I might try that! And we have played a game of truth or dare with a couple other friends but sadly the game was boring and there were no good dares going around. He's not exactly "eye candy", just for some reason I feel different around him. I will try what you suggested but I don't think I'd ever want it to be more than a close friendship! Haha, apparently he had to change because if he didn't when his mom picked him up she would yell at him for now being "properly hygienic" xD I asked him why he had to change his boxers because it wasn't like his mom was going to see them (he's not really a sagger, sadly) and he kinda didn't have an answer for that ... hahaha. I'm 16, and your information helped a lot! Thank you so much! It's a weird feeling around him, like I am on here because I have a fetish for guys in boxer briefs, but besides that I would never be interested in a guy, and then there's him .. I don't know but anyways thank you both for your help! :3
  10. BoxerBriefLove

    Need Some Help ...

    Hey guys, This is my first real post in the forums but I've been around for a while, it just so happens that I now have a problem that you guys might be able to help me out with. As far as I know right now, I am a straight guy with a huuuge underwear fetish, particularly boxer briefs. So I had my best friend come over about a week and a half ago to stay the night at my place. We hadn't hung out in about 6 months so it was definitely needed. I love this guy to death, he's like the brother I never had and we tell each other pretty much everything. In the past when he stayed the night at my place, he wore pajama pants or whatever he was wearing that day and I wore pajama pants as well; we sleep in the same bed because there's no other place for him to sleep and we're pretty much brothers so it doesn't bother us; well him... That was all fine and dandy until he went under the blankets and took off his pants, wearing his red shirt and red Aéropostale boxer briefs. It was one thing that I was close to him in just his boxers, let alone that it matched... Anyway, to make it less awkward (or at least I was hoping) I took my pants off too and went under the blankets. He fell asleep really fast and the urge to just accidentally touch his round ass in those boxer briefs was enormous. I was covering a boner for most of the night. I ended up moving my legs during the night and had my knee right smack in the middle of his round ass when I woke up. It felt so good, and I began to get another boner, especially once I realized he was sweating a little bit in that area and it was on my knee. I was there like that for about 20 minutes and then he woke up and got out of bed in his boxer briefs and told me to turn around. I turned around and I asked why because I had already seen him in his boxer briefs so there wasn't a big deal. He told me he had to change his boxers ... The urge to accidentally turn around in the middle of that was also huge. So now I need advice, he's my best friend and I love him like a brother, and I don't want to be sexually attracted to him like that because I don't want to lose him. Has anyone else had this problem with their best friends?? I really need some advice on how to deal with this ! Thanks in advance!
  11. BoxerBriefLove

    Word Association Game

    forever alone
  12. BoxerBriefLove

    Word Association Game

  13. BoxerBriefLove

    Word Association Game

    One Direction
  14. Really need to sneak a picture of a really awesome sagger at my school ... although there are LOTS... wish I could take pictures with my eyes and upload them. Would be so much easier. :s

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jordan2501


      please take photos of that

    3. flameboard


      Deffo do take sneaky pics, pretend ure making a text or calling someone. BUT do remember to make sure flash off lol

    4. BoxerBriefLove


      Haha only problem is my phone has no option to turn off the shutter sound, so even when my phone is on silent, the sound is made. But I will definitely try because my school is FULL of saggers ... pretty much everywhere I look there's one. Part of the reason I got interested in sagging and joined this site. :P

  15. BoxerBriefLove

    Word Association Game

    Chocolate-Chip Cookie-Dough

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