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    gtown, dc
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    I like to sail, swim, party, and sag. Like skinny pants and jocks as a combo.
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  1. Thanks for the follow! B)

    1. boyzzz1994


      you're very welcome! it was already an honor to watch your profile :damn:

  2. Thanks for the reaction. You have a cute profile!!

  3. SnowBoarding with Friends-Utah

    Hot sagging by friends
  4. Sochi Boys and Saggers

    Cute boys from Sochi and boys who sag
  5. The Sochi boys, are quite something else. Their multi layer sags are wicked hot. Here's a preview of the album I just uploaded.
  6. So I've decided to come back and be an active member of the site.

  7. Stopping Sagging?

    Dude I'm sure somene has already said this, but you only live once you know, live it up do what you want.
  8. taking pics and showing off my sag if anybody wants some lemme know

  9. ive got maybe 15 good pairs

  10. wish I had more undies

    1. lukedude19


      How many u got dude?

  11. just realized my profile said i was 22 ewwwwww im 20

  12. Since this forum is almost dead...

    I'm not straight, but bro not all gay dudes don't like dresses and pink stuff. We also dig cars, and crushes from high school, etc. I play a butt load of sports and am good at it. So yea just a little knowledge for your ignorance.
  13. boners

    I like having a boner and hiding it, it's kinda like my own little idk uhm bravado act haha, but also then I get really horny and want to act on it which can get awkward hahaha

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