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  1. Sagging in new tracksuit... More pics on my Instagram, c92d_


  2. Uploaded my first video to YouTube....

     Hope you like!

    1. soakedsagger


      Super sexy! Only thing I'd say is be cautious with white undies on YouTube... they can trip their content ID system if they get to be too see-through.

    2. TheOther1
  3. Hollister sagging

  4. Recent selfies

  5. 2017 sagging selfies

  6. Recently moved to Berkshire (UK) and looking for mates who like to sag. Drop me a message if you wanna chat :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. danmart


      Frequently pass through Reading area. 

    3. alexmac92


      Whereabouts do you live in Berkshire?

    4. Mattie


      Im in Nottinghamshire  man but happy to chat anytime

  7. Tayler Holder

    2 minutes onwards...
  8. Happy Easter!! Btw lost all my contacts on Kik so if you wanna add me for a chat it's c1992d :)

  9. Those latest pics are great fella :) Keep it up!

  10. More sagging selfies

    I post sagging pics on Instagram (username is c92sagger) but thought I would share some on here plus some extra unseen pics... Hope you like 👍
  11. Got your Christmas sag on?

    There's mine...
  12. Hey Wanna Skype and show our sags to each other


  13. Damn! What a nice view on your profile pic :) 

  14. Italian Youtubers

    From 1:30 onwards
  15. Italian Youtubers

    Lots of sagging...

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