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    21 yo guy feeling the need to look at this forum regulary since...a few years. Now I want to speak :D Gay, not knowing a lot of gays, a little shy but talkative if I begin to tell my life (you should stop me if so !). I love to speak, feel free to message me :)
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  1. Eurovision 2018

    France has a gift for sending...not winning things
  2. I'm clearly into video games : playing a lot and even working as a game developer. So my life is full of fun lol And I love to listen to music and go to concerts (the only way I found to make sport while enjoying it lol) and I'm trying to learn playing the piano. One of my other interest is sneakers, because I love them and have quite a large collection now
  3. New album is UP ! Enjoy ;)

    1. WetSaggerstyle
    2. Lee249


      Merci beaucoup!! 😁

  4. Paris summertime

    A day shooting with my friend Manniberlin ! Was so cool
  5. Don't worry. I love snapbacks, sagging and all...but I listen Symphonic Metal music, and some Rap music, and Classic Music. I love sewing, growing plants and playing the bass, and I work as a video game developper. That's what makes humans cool : we can be surprising and have interests in several things. You're completely normal, just enjoy what you love !
  6. IMG_0282.jpg

    Cool pic ! He's sleeping on a huge sausage. (sorry)
  7. IMG_0321.jpg

    I could spy him from the bushes for hours
  8. Hey Bastien, i was thinking about u the other day. Good to see u online my friend 😀

    1. Rekhel


      Yeah, it's hard to be everywhere :D

  9. Some asked for a new one... :)

    I'm still alive guys, always sagging and spreading the sag everywhere !
  10. Random

    Old random pics
  11. Big up for the birthday boy haha 🎂🎁 🎀🎈🎊❤️ 

  12. I'll send some if there's still some place !
  13. I come for yooouuu X) lol

    You're my number one sagging request! :)

    Keep up the fabulous work gorgeous ;) 

  14. Pink day


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