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  1. Two great vids.

    Haha! I’m so glad lol. Happened to a friend years ago he was giving me a backie, was ok the back of his bike and the saddle went up his loose grey sweatpants. Was an awesome view
  2. Two great vids.

    His jeans keep getting caught on the saddle and pulled down
  3. Parkour

    Lol! Camera cuts when he hits the ground, betting they fell down, they were falling off midair lol.
  4. What are you wearing right now?

    I’m wearing cargos that are 3 sizes too big for me. They keep sliding down lol, having trouble keeping them up.
  5. Bars And Melody - Leondre

    Lol. Sitting on his bbs at the start, ass completely fallen out his jeans and down to his thighs.
  6. Flameboard and I need Spanish help

    In the absence of anybody else, I can’t read his S***ty writing, but it roughly reads as “no obodecer una (Señal??) de prohibicion. Prohibide esta a???” Literally “not being obedient to prohibition (sign), prohibited to be here” sounds like there may have been a sign (typically white with a blue circle and red “ban/no” diagonal line going through it which means don’t park here (usually in front of somebody’s house or garage). You might also be parked at the wrong hours, on the wrong side of the road. The S***ty 93 squiggle looks like the rule you actually infringed but F**** knows. Doesn’t seem to be a demand for payment.
  7. Word Association Game

    UFO? unbelted-falling-oversized-pants 😂
  8. Picture ideas

    Wear jeans without a belt and let the jeans fall down lol.
  9. day off

    Sag in loose jeans without a belt, don't pull them up unless they fall down
  10. Should I go out like this?

    Well in that second one your jeans are falling down and your leg skin is showing, this is amazing so you should edefinitely do it. Bonus points if your jeans accidentally drop haha
  11. Tumblr Problem

    Get the app? or press and hold refresh for 3 seconds and click desktop?
  12. Pants falling down

    Jeans were too big and don't have a belt, pants kept falling down.
  13. Road Walking Sagger

    I just like the idea that if he hadn't said anything they might have fallen down 😂
  14. Drunk Sagging - Fail

    oops lol. love that he has no idea they're falling haha. cheeky bit of skin at the last moment.

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