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  1. TheOther1

    Hey guys

    Think that was for the old banner but there has been one or two before.
  2. TheOther1

    Hey guys

    Not a clue tbh lol. Maybe @flameboard does. Next time he puts one of these together we need to make a thread about it to identify who everyone is
  3. I don't understand how people remember this unless it was only like a year ago lol
  4. He asked to be deleted so probably not
  5. You can always add annoying people to ignore list also..
  6. I told @FBIAgentSaggbboo to stop using this account and to use his normal one. He can't post on this one anyway. And yes numerous people have moaned about the account...
  7. TheOther1

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    What the heck...? Music videos get pulled from youtube generally because of copyright.
  8. TheOther1

    Off topic discussions

    Well yes the new messages are at the top but it shouldn't take anyone more than a few seconds to find old ones.
  9. TheOther1

    Off topic discussions

    Message history of what?
  10. TheOther1

    Pool sagging with friends

    Boxer briefs wet makes thing more revealing at least ... so therefore, better than baggy boxers
  11. Sorry the site seemed to have a bit of a hissy fit this afternoon and was offline for a while.

  12. Well that's just a bit messed up

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