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  1. Dirtiness fetish

    How is a prison more laid back? If you're in prison you've been sentenced and charged, will be there for longer than a jail, usually with more serious crimes (which means higher security and precautions). I suppose those jails are often more crowded and don't have as many facilities which you could consider "chill". I'm still convinced you ask for the shackles though. Fetish or something.
  2. Dirtiness fetish

    Lol, even in some state prisons you can shower like every other day. I'm sure you just have a thing for shackles. Out of the hundreds of hours of prison documentaries I've watched, never heard of someone showering in shackles for no reason...
  3. New Album Release

    Yeah, what Dillon said..
  4. Unless you think they like it.... I don't think there's a way lol
  5. Word Association Game

  6. Getting more muscular

    Yeah that's better.. Its when get super veiny I don't like.
  7. Getting more muscular

    Not really attractive with that much muscle imo. But it's like bodybuilder territory not just looking "hench", two very different things in my opinion at least..
  8. I know this is bad but...

    Don't worry.. we live in England lol...
  9. I know this is bad but...

    Not sure quite what the topic was.... But yes. Another political thread, on a sagging forum..... Maybe site needs to be renamed to
  10. I know this is bad but...

    I have no issues with the thread so it won't be deleted yet. It's not like anyone praising him so don't see the harm in his photo being released.
  11. I know this is bad but...

    What does you going live on Insta have to do with anything?
  12. What Are You Watching Right Now

    I was very confused.
  13. I know this is bad but...

    I'd happily live in a world with no alcohol. But it's a bit different. Alcohol people can enjoy to drink in moderation. What does a gun do? Kills people, kills animals. I suppose people have fun with them at shooting ranges... But the main purpose of a gun surely is to inflict damage. America has this problem and nobody else does.. So why?
  14. I know this is bad but...

    Ahh, the school shooting. Yes well it hit UK news of course but I didn't read into it.
  15. I know this is bad but...


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