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  1. pics now!!!

    Not really sure what the 21st century has to do with it. I also haven't seen that pictures with faces get more likes, but I do get your point. But also need to remember what the purpose of a pic is, its showing off a sag, many of the pics on your tumblr are just "check out my body" or whatever and show the face, which makes sense. Equally for many people they don't want to show the face which is understandable, the internet is full of creepy people
  2. pics now!!!

    Yeah you have a point. Like this photo was at a tube station in London, but it was fairly late in the evening and it's not the busiest station in London either... I thought it's a cool picture, but it did crap likewise. However to the point, if the platform was packed with people the story would be different and the story very different.
  3. pics now!!!

    Haha, not everyone loves him. Should see some of the hate mail he has got before lol. And well your pictures have become much better over time!
  4. pics now!!!

    Well I'm saying its not key. I thought it was, but at least social media doesn't agree lol. Looking at Flameys "most successful" 9 pics from 2016, 5 of them are taken in his house lol. One in the sea, 2 on a train station platform, and the last was just outside somewhere. So the ones up a cliff or whatever with a better view clearly didn't do as well lol. As long as there is enough light, the pic is decent quality and you can see the sag properly (ie, not super close) then a picture from a prison cell imo could be good haha
  5. pics now!!!

    Well its true lol. You could possibly argue location is important.. but out of the 1000s of pictures I've taken of Flameboard, some of the ones with the best "scenery/locations" do the worst (amount of likes) lol. So simple lol
  6. pics now!!!

    Put clothes on, sag and take a picture. There's not much to it lol.
  7. Celebrity crush

    What the...
  8. Celebrity crush

    Unless they see girls and run
  9. Celebrity crush

    Well... this thread is going to have a small audience on this forum lol
  10. Flameboard and I need Spanish help

    You like police states anyway. Wouldn't get shackled and stuff if they were all relaxed.
  11. Flameboard and I need Spanish help

    Thanks guys I guess we got lucky
  12. So flameboard and I got a parking ticket. We went to the local police station after a long walk trying to find it but they spoke no English. He didn't seem to want any money but didn't seem that it was a big deal either. We were parked on a road with other cars.. But I guess somewhere we shouldnt have. Anyone care to translate lol?
  13. You will be locked up anyway so will not be much help then......
  14. Hi guys, FYI... There will be a delay approving pictures from now for the next week while Flameboard and I are away so please bare with us
  15. What did I do this time

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      I'm sorry I just love everyone I don't know why I love 

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      I'm sorry I just love everyone I don't know why I love 

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      You said that already 


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