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  1. Site has just gone through an update so some things will look slightly different (the gallery for example). Some things need adjusting so hold tight

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. TheOther1


      @MrBianco should be back now

    3. MrBianco


      @ TheOther1  thanks for the quick reply

    4. Lee249


      @TheOther1 ahh i see... Because i'm on Android the site extacts them. The SW emojis are located underneath at the bottom ;) I prefer those on here. Problem solved haha 

  2. TheOther1

    Going MIA for awhile

    It wasn't necessarily meant to
  3. TheOther1

    Going MIA for awhile

    I'm sure we can find you at
  4. TheOther1

    Free Tommy Robinson!

    Ummm. No thanks @Lee249 lol But still. Never heard of anyone go on about shackles so much. Including people who done time (years) lol....
  5. TheOther1

    Got Circumcised

    /shrugs.. Circumcised at birth so can't imagine it any other way lol. I know one person who got it done for medical reasons in his late teens, apart from that... God knows lol. I was under the impression in the UK its rare to get cut and more of an American thing if anything.
  6. TheOther1

    Free Tommy Robinson!

    Shackles of course
  7. TheOther1

    Free Tommy Robinson!

    Hadn't read to the bottom of post and was thinking "here we go again" What a load of bollocks though.....
  8. FYI images not approved because they have the baggykevin logo on them ... copyright rule

  9. TheOther1

    Free Tommy Robinson!

    Free speech is a load of nonsense anyway. Go and tell Trump that you're going to put a bullet through his head. I'm sure you will quickly find out that free speech isn't gonna protect you. Either way. These muppets protesting cause thousands of other civilians inconvenience by having their protests, it annoys me. Flameboard and I were in London last year and right outside Big Ben people were protesting about something. It caused grid lock for over an hour because the idiots were standing in the middle of the intersection. People not being able to get home, tourists not being able to go places, waste of police time, bus drivers stuck at the end of their shift etc etc. Muppets. Just pisses everyone else off.
  10. TheOther1

    Free Tommy Robinson!

    Can't say I know who he is tbh and any background of it... but bunch of muppets protesting as usual which then turns into police getting injured. They should all have to pay double the amount of taxes next month and all the violent ones should get trampled on by police horses.
  11. TheOther1

    Today's snapback

    I didn't even know what a snapback was until I clicked this thread I know like hmm, 3 people that would wear one. So not exactly common. I don't like them anyway though really.
  12. TheOther1

    Has anyone seen a UFO?

    I've seen tonnes of birds and have no idea what they are... UFOs to me then
  13. TheOther1

    Dirtiness fetish

    How is a prison more laid back? If you're in prison you've been sentenced and charged, will be there for longer than a jail, usually with more serious crimes (which means higher security and precautions). I suppose those jails are often more crowded and don't have as many facilities which you could consider "chill". I'm still convinced you ask for the shackles though. Fetish or something.
  14. TheOther1

    Dirtiness fetish

    Lol, even in some state prisons you can shower like every other day. I'm sure you just have a thing for shackles. Out of the hundreds of hours of prison documentaries I've watched, never heard of someone showering in shackles for no reason...

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