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  • Birthday 04/06/1992

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    Jamie is the name! :)
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    Having a good time! Family, Friends, Sagging, Meeting new people, cinema and more!
  1. that wedgie on your avatar made my day :D 

  2. Hey guys! :) add my snapchat: jamielmorr

  3. Merry Christmas guys! Hope you all have/had a great day! :)

    1. CaptainPanther


      Merry Christmas man... wasn't allowed to sag today so i am now at home and have pulled my pants down with a large rum lol

    2. Lee249


      @ CP, i sagged @ mums but as feared it didn't happen for me :( i did pull me chinos down as was scared about their reactions after last years disapproval. Even got the looks! Got back to me dads and sagged really comfortably in front of the box ready for my second xmas dinner serving! LOL x

  4. Question: I haven't uploaded for a while, after uploading a new album it states 'No pictures to view' or something like that. Does it mean they have to be authorised first?:)

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    2. kaytea


      Welcome back JM10 - where have you been the last couple of years?

    3. JM10


      Ooo thank you! I had a feeling haha! :)

      I honestly do not know! It's good to be back though :)

    4. kaytea


      Always great to see old names reappear. Got any new boxers while you've been away?

  5. Haven't been on here for a while! Will be uploading some new pictures soon!! :)

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    2. Lee249


      Yes. Welcome home :)

    3. JM10


      Thanks guys! It's great to be back :)

    4. salesmerlin
  6. Wow now that's hot!
  7. Uploaded 3 pics of the way I was sagging on a night out last night :P And its exactly how low I was sagging :P

    1. CosmoBoy


      Nice, wish I was at the same bar ;)

  8. Uploaded 3 pics of the way I was sagging on a night out last night :P And its exactly how low I was sagging :P

  9. 21 today! The years are going quick haha!

    1. flameboard


      Happy Birthday mate! x

    2. Miguel


      Happy Birthday!

    3. JM10


      Thanks guys! :)

  10. Took a few quick pictures, just wait for them to be approved now :)

  11. Yay finally snowing!

    1. flameboard


      Oh yes here too!

  12. I was in town lastnight on the.dance floor which was very full. So I was dancing and I felt a guys bum keep bumping into me so I put my hand behind to try and stop him and my hand touched his boxerbriefs. So I then realized he was sagging and while my hand touched his bum he jumped so my hand touched all of his bubble butt in his white boxerbriefs. There was loads of hot saggers out!

    1. bendover


      Sort of t

      hing i do!

    2. flameboard


      Ha sounds like a good night to me!

    3. JM10


      Ha definitely, didn't mean to do it but I am glad I did haha!

  13. Happy New Year guys! Hope you all have a great 2013, enjoy! :)

    1. flameboard


      Happy New Year to you too mate!

  14. Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you all have a great day! :)

  15. I agree, love it when hes jumping around showing even more of his boxers! The shot of him sagging right at the beginning is also hot.