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    Just a guy who loves sexy Boxers
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    I don't like labels

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  1. image

    Great low sag
  2. Word Association Game

  3. Contest Sagger Vid

    WoW, That's such a awesome video, love the photo's they're So HoT and that shower scene too xxx
  4. 3 Videos For Theother1 And Cosmoboy

    Awesome videos, loved them all, i wish i was awake at 4am
  5. white CK's

    Some pics of my new CK's
  6. Sagging

    old pics
  7. Sagging in Sherwood forest

    Some new BB's in the sun
  8. Well good luck at your new school and with the restaurant job David. I'll just be working in store most of the summer, but i will also be in North Wales teaching climbing and mountaineering skills on several weekends throughout the summer. i'm just hoping this warm weather is set to stay
  9. I Think Sw Should Make Something Like This Video!

    LOL, that's a awesome video
  10. Word Association Game

    Ben and Jerrys
  11. Blue H & M's

    New Boxers
  12. Bjorn Borgs

    new boxers
  13. Im Back!

    Great to see you and your boxers back mate
  14. December 2011 Sagging

    just sagging for a change lol
  15. I'm going to have a well earned lie in and spend the rest of the day relaxing on Christmas day, then i'm back at work for 7am boxing day, i just love working in retail at xmas, especially with all the happy customers. lol

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