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  1. I'm back!

    Some quick shots I wanted to upload!
  2. I'm back, guys! New pics uploaded!

  3. Straight Guys, gay porn

    Obligatory mention of /r/totallystraight on reddit
  4. guilt or bad feeling

    I used to, since I'm Catholic, and I was taught that jerking off is a sin. But after doing it more often, I don't anymore. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
  5. working out

    check out There's plenty of tips, and full routines, complete with nutrition and recommended supplements.
  6. My Tattoo - Your Opinion?

    Not to offend or anything, but colouring it kind of makes it look a bit tacky
  7. My Tattoo - Your Opinion?

    If I may say something, to me, it looks better without coloring. Coloring it in doesn't seem like the best. Then again, depending on the colours.
  8. I uploaded a new video! It's different that what I prefer. Here you go:

    1. manniberlin


      nice... part 2 coming?

    2. CrancoX


      Thanks people. I didn't really care for wet sagging, so i might not do another wet video. I'll definitely do more dry ones though ;)

  9. Well, I haven't posted anything new in quite a while, but I just recently made a video! I hope you guys enjoy.

  10. I'm so horny, sagging in AE jeans

  11. Awkward Bro Moment...

    I guess because of the fooling around you guys did, he may feel ashamed or angry at you. One thing you must do now is slowly regaining touch and rebuilding a brotherly relationship without any sexual component. Talk it over and start anew.
  12. Smoking Confuses Me...

    Well dude, you know all the arguments against it. It's bad, it's harmful for you and everyone else that has to breathe the second hand smoke, it's throwing money away for no reason, it can cause a **** ton of health problem, and it makes you an addict if you are a recurrent smoker. There's no use denying it. Wanna harm yourself? Fine. But let's not pretend it's not a problem, and that you're a victim, because it's false. You can do whatever you want, but it sucks as a non smoker to have to inadvertently breathe a mouthful of **** smoke when I'm biking, running, walking or standing around a smoker. It's like having a friend who stinks so bad that he/she can kill flowers just by standing around them. Are they in their right to stink like a rotten piece of meat left in the sun for days? Yeah. Is it completely disrespectful and you wish you could spray them right now with bleach, soap, and top it off with air freshener? Hell yeah.
  13. Awkward Bro Moment...

    Holy crap... Well, ain't that awkward. I havent been in a situation like that at all, or anything similar, but nothing good can turn from that. Talk to someone else, and have a conversation with your brother (and the mentioned 3rd party. You'd probably start making out and sucking each other off if talking on your own), to ensure you guys set limits to your relationship. You're brothers. You can get close, but incest is always crossing a line. Always.
  14. The Perfect Job

    Mechanical engineer!
  15. Becoming Gay

    I just couldn't leave it like this. I just... couldn't. I was listening to a new song, and it also talks about being different and breaking away from the chains from society It says it good, and it says it HARD! (Hard rock)

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