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  1. Major break through guys!! We were texting last night about how we should do more public dares, and he was like ‘I’d be prepared to do anything for you’ - so I told him if his jeans would be lower that would be incredibly hot and... he gladly said I could dress him and set his sag how I wanted!! He said that he didn’t realise how big my thing for sagging was! Unfortunately I’m away at uni for a while so I won’t see him for a bit but I will keep you guys updated for when I next see him!
  2. I think that’s quite a good way of putting it actually! To be honest, the way I see it is that at least I actually get a sag as opposed to full on belt and no sag, even if it’s not intentional :)
  3. Unfortunately I don’t live with him so I have no choice on changing his jeans 😂 And yeahhh exactly, just wish he could alter slightly for me when I’m around him... I wouldn’t even say it’s the ‘way he wears his jeans’ - he doesn’t have them intentionally any lower it’s just that the jeans themselves lend themselves to sagging, even a natural sag like it is at the moment when he forgets his belt or something!
  4. Haha cheers guys! And I know 100% his sag is never intentional, it’s just the style of jeans he wears unfortunately (they gape slightly when he’s sitting), plus he always has a lot of things eg wallet/keys/phone which pushes them down a little.
  5. So I saw him again today and I thought I would try something new... before we left I pulled his jeans down a little, but he immediately pulled them back up lol. I said ‘hey why’d you do that?’, to which he replied ‘because that’s how I like them’. Although again they are slightly baggy so he was still sagging a good few inches but he kept pulling them up as soon as they got lower :/
  6. I just have no idea how I’ll convince him to sag when I don’t feel he wants to... like he knows I find it hot so I feel like if he’s okay with it he would do it, just to tease me when I’m with him even if he doesn’t do it with anyone else lol
  7. Haha cheers mate! He would be such a hot sagger it drives me insane... he knows I find sagging hot but haven’t talked about it since unfortunately. He always catches me peeking at his CKs when he bends over lol
  8. I did when we originally talked about it and he just kinda laughed it off... I think he thinks it’s cheap and tacky these days which is a bummer :/ I don’t personally sag in public so he never sees mine unfortunately. Just wish I could go back in time!
  9. So my boyfriend doesn’t intentionally sag, except when he is beltless a few inches of his CKs will show as his jeans are typically slightly on the baggier side. While this is really hot, I just wished he was a real sagger lol. Then outta nowhere a few days ago, he told me that he used to sag quite a lot during his early teens, which was totally unexpected and extremely hot to think about... just wish I got a chance to see it 😂
  10. Wow, if you pause at 7:31, you can clearly see that he is sagging below d**k!! Awesome!!
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