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  1. Boxer lovers...kik me at goboxers10

  2. back on kik! kik me boxers lovers: goboxers10

  3. boxer lovers...kik me! goboxers10

  4. It was cold today so I wore compression shorts and boxers at the same time

  5. It was cold today so I wore compression shorts and boxers at the same time

  6. goboxers

    Boxers vs. Briefs

    Thanks guys for the replies. It was just merely something I was thinking of. So do we have more European guys on this site than I thought?
  7. goboxers

    Boxers vs. Briefs

    Is it just me or is everyone leaning to wearing briefs or boxer briefs? What happened to all the boxer lovers and wearers? LOL For me, I like seeing boxers and their designs. The best sags are the ones that are small and you just happen to catch a glimpse of it because they are leaning over or showing their abs or whatnot. The ones that have their pants halfway down and you can see it regardless just doesn't seem to make me interested. I guess I just like the element of surprise. Don't get me wrong, I do not have a problem with anybody sagging, just I like the different kinds I guess. Just wondering where all the boxer guys went! For me, if it's boxers that's pretty awesome. If it's briefs, I'm just like eh whatever.
  8. boxer lovers...kik me goboxers10

  9. didn't realize I had 31 pairs of boxers lol

    1. Lee249


      Another 9 and there's 40 pairs haha. Nice one!

    2. Vincent94


      Hahaha, that's a lot :D

  10. kik me: goboxers10 if you wear boxers!

  11. didnt need new boxers...got 5 more to add to my collection of 30.

  12. kik me! goboxers10

  13. kik me...goboxers10


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