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  1. Damnnn thats some juicy sagging there! Loved it 😍
  2. Neither - I am vegetarian 😅 Little spoon or big spoon?
  3. Thanks for following me. You have nice pics. You should post more

    1. thhlua123


      Thanks man:) pm u

  4. Nice to meet u really appreciated that u send me some pics of your hot sagging 

    1. thhlua123


      Of course man! Tell me if u want more would send again gladly;)

  5. Omg yes please send me your nice sagging under your ass 😉 so I can enjoy 

  6. Accidents are my fav too! On others but also on myself haha like one time the technician came over and got in bc the door was open and I was literally just getting out of the shower, I was so shocked my towel fell down loll After he left I kept thinking about how hot it was, maybe that’s how it began haha
  7. Wild! my favorite was the one in the yellow trunks and white boxerbriefs
  8. Where u been bro miss seeing you and your sexy sag 

  9. Love the profile pic that's a sweet sag and a hott ass too

    1. thhlua123


      Thanks man :) love yours too

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