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  1. squirtle2

    Nash Grier

    Dat ass at 6:48
  2. squirtle2

    Waxing A Sagger Guy...

    Found this:
  3. squirtle2

    Videos I've Found

    I want to know what they were doing in the second to last video ._. makes me want to learn Geramn xD
  4. squirtle2

    Ross Lynch

    He sure loves pink
  5. squirtle2

    Where do you live?

    Seems like a lot of people are from the USA
  6. squirtle2

    Too Short And Too Low?

    as long as he is not showing his legs when he sags it is not too low
  7. Well this is totally hot I love it
  8. I found this on youtube and I found it hot
  9. squirtle2

    K-pop Jjang Tv

    omg It HAD to be Jyp it is like everywhere next thing you know Kai is just looking at you outside of your window
  10. squirtle2

    How About...

    Do it and when you do post a link
  11. squirtle2

    How About...

    I would love this
  12. squirtle2

    Sexy Photo Shoot

    oh my gosh I love this
  13. squirtle2

    Jack & Finn Harries

    Oh the birts, they never cease to entertain me

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