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  1. Wish peeps would put their ages on their profile!

    1. Sagonmyface
    2. CaptainPanther


      yes loads of people with not even a profile picture bit suss to me like there is something to hide

  2. Cameo1

    being blown

    Wow, there is a lot of child abuse around...
  3. Thanks for the friend add! And I love your pics. :)

  4. yeah bring on summer!!! Cuties are back! Sweet!!!:P

    1. Miguel


      In Europe is near winter, we talk in 7 months

    2. CosmoBoy
    3. flameboard


      Yeah was gonna say! Its freezing here atm! Looking forward to summer 2012 :D

  5. Cameo1


    oh man, so ******* hot!!! Hot lips, skin, legs, everything!!!!
  6. heyho!! hot pics a luv ur abs ;)

  7. Hey guys:) whats the best way(category etc) to list my pics on here for max coverage/views? It's a little too complex for me lol

    1. TheOther1


      Well right now for max coverage that's quite hard. On the old site we made a new thread for each new album. But the site admins are still trying to get to grips with the gallery on the new site, as for category the user (member) album category is where I would put them.

  8. is wondering if my pics are ok? hmmm...

  9. Wow your pics are awesome man!!:)

    1. lucas


      Thx man, yours too :)

  10. Very nice album, as your profile pic :)

    1. Cameo1


      Thanks a lot man!:)

  11. Your new album is really great!

  12. hey, I'm in Auckland wbu man? U in NZ?

    And yeah can def can expect more real soon in the next 2 or so days:-)

  13. hey, I'm in Auckland wbu man? U in NZ?

    And yeah can def can expect more real soon in the next 2 or so days:-)

  14. hey man where abouts in nz are you?

    1. Cameo1


      Auckland man:) wbu?

  15. Thanks for the add:)


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