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    Love sagging boxerbriefs, sometimes boxers, with fit jeans, sweatpants, and shorts. Have broad taste in underwear - Diesel, Pump, CKs, AE, A&F, Hollister, as long as I can sag it, I love it :P Love seeing other guys sag bright boxer briefs, white is even better ;) I'm a half-ass sagger myself, and I admire a guy who can look good sagging even lower ;)
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    sagging, underwear, guys, piano, movies, clubbing
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  1. Hey,

    amazing new pics!!! Hot Diesel. Looks awesome on you!


  2. Your new neon Blue Boxerbriefs album is great!

  3. Just published 2 new albums! Waiting for approval then you can check them out! :)

  4. woah man. what's up

  5. Congrats, your my Sagger of The Week!

  6. Uploaded some new pics today! Hopefully they'll be made available soon :P

  7. Any saggers in NYC today? Hmu! :P

  8. Any saggers in NYC today? Hmu! :P

  9. Vandy19


    hot angle man
  10. back with a few new pics awaiting approval, check back soon! :P

  11. back with a few new pics awaiting approval, check back soon! :P

  12. thinking about taking more pics today :P

    1. volcomsagger


      You should do it man! Great sagging pics. :)

    2. Sagonmyface


      ok but rather see you in person :)

    3. salesmerlin


      never a bad thing :P


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