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  1. Active on Kik. No hard core sagger but always willing to talk and exchange if wanted. Saggingarthiel is my name. Add me 🎅😋

  2. Arthiel

    Under Armour

    I have 2 pair of those. They're comfy and nice fitting. They're a bit like satin as they make my jeans slide more faster.
  3. Arthiel

    My Sex Tape...

    Guessing this wouldn't be up anymore if it was like that I agree
  4. Arthiel

    My Sex Tape...

    This is kind of fun to watch too. I like vloggers a lot. I don't know what your channel is all about? I've always thought about vlogging but didn't know what kind of topic to hop on to.
  5. I've got no clue about this brand, to be honest. I think all of those brands are expensive for just being underwear; I've recently bought 2 boxerbriefs (trunks) of CK .. €60,00 ... I'm keeping those for special occasions
  6. You look so good man !!! hmu sometime. 

  7. Arthiel

    What Are You Watching Right Now

    I'm looking upon my papers .. French exam tomorrow :')
  8. Arthiel

    All white sag golden undies

    @SBJB, as said in my first comment .. I did not mean to start a verbal riot here.. Which is exactly what you are doing. Just accept people's opinions, just like you have one of your own.. Why need to be so aggressive on it? Pardon me for my English if it's not correctly written, but I'm not English. I've just stated my opinion. That's all I did. Please, look up to my first post in this topic and read it again. There's no need to go fussing about everything. Let's keep it fun for everyone Cheers! x
  9. Arthiel

    Some hard mofos

    I didn't look at the date at all. I just saw these 2 kids passing by and I was like "oh God..." xD Maybe that's a good suggestion Always look at the dates before judging Maybe they're actual saggers nowadays? Or maybe not Who knows and who cares
  10. Arthiel

    All white sag golden undies

    This isn't a celebrity right? And I'm not finding people hot on the type of clothes they wear to be honest. I'm a kind of person that looks more to the attitude. Even a person with the least amount of money, can be the most attractive one. I'm not the sort that cares a lot about the materialistic. Ok, agreed. You need to have some stuff in your life but you need to decide yourself what you want more.
  11. Arthiel

    All white sag golden undies

    This is not appealing at all, in my opinion. I don't like his style of clothes. It's like showing off with the amount of money that one has. As said, this is my opinion. Don't mean to start a verbal riot here x
  12. Arthiel

    Some hard mofos

    I don't know what to think of this .. Ok, it's considered sagging but for one reason or another it seems too "played" in my opinion. When I'm walking around in public, rocking my sag, I don't even come close of walking like that. It looks to me they just wanted to do some movie and considered this as a kind of prank. Correct me if I'm wrong though. I'm not the almighty know-it-all Cheers!
  13. Arthiel

    Who can I find this picute?

    I think hes called Neil. He once was sagger of the month this year. Not see which one though.
  14. This topic can be closed if needed. I've just found it Thx for the replies

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