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    Los Angeles, CA
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    I'm looking for sagger friends to chill and hang out with.
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    sagging, boxers, boxer briefs, skate shoes, swimming, traveling
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    Wine sales
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  1. Hey dude. I live in LA and looking for cool saggers to hang with. I'm into sagging, underwear, bball caps, and skate shoes. Not interested in being sexual. Just a friend to sag with.


    1. erwest69


      Me too.  I love to see saggers sagging.  Where do you live?  What type of boxers do you like to wear?

  2. hey bro.  I'm by downtown LA.  U in Pasadena now?

  3. where in LA u at bro?  I'm by downtown.

  4. I know. I love the look a lot even if there's no boxers showing. It's hot to sag way low and wear a big enough shirt to cover it all. Your **** could be almost popping out and no one would know.
  5. sagging is all about showin the underwear!
  6. agreed...especially if they're showing undies
  7. Good thing for me
  8. I find guys sagging in briefs a turn-off actually. A proper sag shows no skin I love undies wayyyy too much
  9. Congrats dude! You're such a hot sagger I love your pics!!!

  10. that's awesome Wisagger! tryin it out when u can is the best way. As far as losing weight, that shouldn't be a reason you don't sag
  11. FO SHO BRO!!!
  12. Sagging in my baggiest jeans low under my ass chillin at home w my ecko hoodie on :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mjb310


      Thx! You're super hot sagging yourself :)

    3. flameboard


      HAHA thanks dude

    4. sagger4life1


      go on chat bro!

  13. I'm gay and sag bc I like the look and think it's hot. That doesn't mean I wanna be sexual with a sagger. I think it'd be cool to chill with a str8 sagger as friends. Talk about sagging style, clothing, shoes. Seems like most gay saggers wanna do a lot more than that and I really don't.
  14. He is totally awesome!! Saggin so low his **** was above his shorts toward the end
  15. Holy **** dude! That story was fuckin HOT!!!

    1. elforte7


      Glad you liked it! I will probably write a second part soon.