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  1. seattle_saggerboy

    Becoming Gay

    No it's not a fact that people are 50% attracted to either sex, that's ridiculous. I have practically no interest in even looking at women. I came about discovering my sexuality rather late in life as a result of how I was raised... that being a religious conservative home where "gay" was not something that existed in "God's patriarchal heterosexual world." Took me 28 years, and a failed marriage to a woman to realize I will never be str8 and can't pretend so. There are some choices you can make, which are namely how you label yourself and how you respond to your sexuality. I can't imagine anyone that would choose to be something that comes with a great deal of stigma and is still not socially accepted in many civilized cultures of the world.
  2. seattle_saggerboy

    cock and info about yourself

    Cut 7.75 37 11 learning what morning wood was. yep. saggers, baggy saggers, boxers, silky bbs, baggy bballs.
  3. seattle_saggerboy

    Boxers Tight Or Loose

    Boxer briefs don't have to squeeze your junk... I don't wear them if they're tight myself. My preference for bbs, when I wear them, is more for slim boxers than tight.
  4. seattle_saggerboy

    Jacking off to other guys sagging.

    I concur. Maybe that's why I'm still single lol... far too masc and str8 appearing.
  5. seattle_saggerboy

    Jacking off to other guys sagging.

    There's also a difference between what you identify as and one's preference. I've known bi dudes who never want to be with a woman.
  6. seattle_saggerboy

    Boxers Tight Or Loose

    Helping with what?
  7. seattle_saggerboy

    Boxers Tight Or Loose

    It's all about that easy access.
  8. seattle_saggerboy

    What are you wearing right now?

    Of course plaid boxers are hot. And so are you
  9. seattle_saggerboy

    Word Association Game

  10. seattle_saggerboy

    Word Association Game

    Horse hung
  11. seattle_saggerboy

    Christmas Trees

    No tree for me this year. It would have been small like Charlie Brown's
  12. seattle_saggerboy

    What are you wearing right now?

    Plaid sleep pants, grey/white stripped boxers, wifebeater.
  13. Post turkey day relaxation!!  If only I had a sagger BF.

  14. seattle_saggerboy

    hot new(?) boxer brand !!

    I think Palm Springs, USA.
  15. seattle_saggerboy


    The only place I see briefs being pushed is on "the underwear expert" where they are really trying to sell their curated underwear collection by only talking about designer briefs. Its a gimmick, but not real life.

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