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  1. What kinda music you play ? I'm a heavy metal drummer myself hi I'm Chris I'm in Tillamook Oregon 

  2. No it's not a fact that people are 50% attracted to either sex, that's ridiculous. I have practically no interest in even looking at women. I came about discovering my sexuality rather late in life as a result of how I was raised... that being a religious conservative home where "gay" was not something that existed in "God's patriarchal heterosexual world." Took me 28 years, and a failed marriage to a woman to realize I will never be str8 and can't pretend so. There are some choices you can make, which are namely how you label yourself and how you respond to your sexuality. I c
  3. Cut 7.75 37 11 learning what morning wood was. yep. saggers, baggy saggers, boxers, silky bbs, baggy bballs.
  4. Boxer briefs don't have to squeeze your junk... I don't wear them if they're tight myself. My preference for bbs, when I wear them, is more for slim boxers than tight.
  5. Of course plaid boxers are hot. And so are you
  6. No tree for me this year. It would have been small like Charlie Brown's
  7. Plaid sleep pants, grey/white stripped boxers, wifebeater.
  8. Post turkey day relaxation!!  If only I had a sagger BF.

  9. The only place I see briefs being pushed is on "the underwear expert" where they are really trying to sell their curated underwear collection by only talking about designer briefs. Its a gimmick, but not real life.
  10. Grey adidas bballs wild plaid FTL boxers, wifebeater, white T
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