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  1. Hey how have you been?


  2. HEY BUDDIE i thought you'd gone missing...couldn't find you here on SW hope all is well dude? lets make a date to chat on chat :-)

    1. dagondrake


      Sorry I had lots of medical stuff this summer

    2. CaptainPanther


      i'm just glad your still here mate have missed our wind ups in the chat room lol

    3. dagondrake
  3. posted new pics

    1. CaptainPanther


      oi oi mate long time, miss your fella, from your fave bloke from across the pond :-)

    2. CaptainPanther
    3. dagondrake


      I've miss you too Captain

  4. dagondrake


    I have a few times but I prefer eating other guys cum
  5. dagondrake

    Tatt's, Piercings Or Both?

    well i just got something pierced below my belt lol
  6. Hot sags man, and you're really cute

  7. Just bought my first pair of Under Armor shorts.

    1. Miguel


      You know what to do, pics!!

    2. boaloo
  8. dagondrake

    How did you come OUT?

    I told my friends in a text message when i was 16, now a days everyone knows at my job and they don't mind at all but I've never flaunted it since i'm pretty masc acting. My family knows without me even telling them if that makes sense lol.
  9. dagondrake

    Tatt's, Piercings Or Both?

    4 tats and both nips pierced
  10. Just got new boxers

    1. dagondrake


      Fruit of the loom, they are all different colors

  11. Chilling and sagging at home

  12. Got fucked and bred this morning :)

  13. blew a teen sagger in the mall bathroom

    1. flameboard


      HAHA nice! Wanna share how it all started?

    2. graffie34


      yea i agree with flamey here we need the details

    3. Vandy19

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