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  1. Bulges Question

    I don't think it's a boner...the "package" is just big enough to bulge. As for having an oversized one, yeah...I guess that sounds nice but probably wouldn't be!
  2. My Mate Singing!

    Thanks for the link! I'll subscribe.
  3. My Mate Singing!

    Hi Flamey! I think he's great! He has a wonderful, soulful voice that matches that song perfectly. It's strong but really emotive too. And I like his guitar playing. Can you please send me the link to his YouTube channel?
  4. Hot Sagger Humping In Green Boxer-briefs

    I couldn't agree video!
  5. The Voice

    I've watched it for the first time a few times this season and like it.
  6. are you cut on uncut?

    Yes, they are!
  7. Word Association Game

  8. Saggers With Loose Sneaks? What?

    I totally agree!
  9. Sag 9

    From the album A Few on New Years Eve

  10. Sag7

    From the album A Few on New Years Eve

  11. Sagging 4

    From the album Christmas Sagging

  12. Sagging 3

    From the album Christmas Sagging

  13. Sagging 2

    From the album Christmas Sagging

  14. Sagging 1

    From the album Christmas Sagging

  15. I will wake up early and go to my parents' house, where my aunts and uncles and cousins will be. And I think I'm going to be doing a lot of the cooking. New Year is still up in the air.