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  1. marcosxuniverse

    Profile picture

  2. marcosxuniverse


    I want to claim him for me
  3. There are new pics coming :D

    1. bendover


      Sagging low is the way to go!

  4. Nice:

    For the greatest view go to minute 3:44
  5. OMG, look at these sexy guys:

    1. flameboard


      HAHA not sure how young they are, but this one is the best sag

      where his jeans get lower and lower as he punches lol
  6. Its here my outdoor sag 2!!!

    1. Lee249


      It's a great album. Love it.

  7. Im going to make a Outdoor sag 2!!!

    1. dmdm94


      Yes, cant wait!

  8. Well done, Your my Sagger of The Week!!

  9. Heey i'm trying to work with skype! add me, MarcOSXuniverse

  10. Sorry i shut tumblr down because of some problems, but you can always see my pics in the gallery here on saggerworld. P.S I continue with making new pics! :)

    1. shortydude


      i deleted mine too. you have some nice pics

    2. marcosxuniverse
  11. Congrats! Your my Sagger of The Week!


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