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  1. ApisAries

    Sideless Shirt

    Sometimes I wear shorts, sometimes regular pants. No, I don't care about how I move. I just wear sideless shirts like any other shirt.
  2. ApisAries

    Sideless Shirt

    Yes, you're right. Although there're styles that work better with different body styles than others. The shirts that have especially wide arm holes and not much material at the front/back usually only look good on very muscular guys. In contrast, shirts with narrower arm holes or with arm holes that aren't cut too deep can be worn by almost anybody.
  3. ApisAries

    Sideless Shirt

    Yes, I would and I've already been to supermarkets with just a sideless shirt. I haven't noticed any different reactions though.
  4. ApisAries

    Sideless Shirt

    This one looks good.
  5. ApisAries

    Sideless Shirt

    What styles have you got so far? I could use some inspiration for new shirts.
  6. ApisAries

    Sideless Shirt

    I've worn it to work a few times, but I wear an open button-up shirt over it, so it's not too extreme. No, people haven't said anything to me about it yet.
  7. ApisAries

    Sideless Shirt

    The sun was coming from the side while I was waiting for my train. It was this shirt. It isn't too narrow.
  8. ApisAries

    Sideless Shirt

    I've only seen a few online, but only ever bought one. I prefer making them myself. That way I can decide how much of the sides I want to remove. Many sideless shirts have too much material missing. Especially the ones intended for workout almost show the entire back of the body. I have one of these, but only use it for sleeping.
  9. ApisAries

    Sideless Shirt

    Your're right. If you wear a long and loose shirt and have to bend down a lot, the front part gets in the way. That's especially noticeable if I wear my longshirt.
  10. ApisAries

    Sideless Shirt

    I think you're right about the difference between sleeveless and sideless. I personally would look at the side seam of a shirt. Sleeveless shirts tend to have an intact seam and just an opening for the arms while sideless shirts have cut out some parts of the seam, creating an opening that's larger than just the regular arm hole. Ha, I once wore a sideless shirt and got sun burn all over the right side of my body ;P
  11. ApisAries

    Sideless Shirt

    There're some on ASOS. You can also buy regular shirts and remove the sides yourself. That seems to be the most common method to get some.
  12. ApisAries

    Sideless Shirt

    That's a style I like seeing.
  13. ApisAries

    Sideless Shirt

    Some guys want to show off, yes. But in my case that wouldn't work. I don't look good enough to tease anyone
  14. ApisAries

    Sideless Shirt

    I don't think people wear them as a tease necessarily. I personally like them, because they keep me cool in summer. I don't like hot weather and I'm always looking for clothes that allow my body to get some fresh air. With the sides removed it's very comfortable, especially if there's a light wind going.
  15. ApisAries

    Sideless Shirt

    I have no favorite style. I like most of them, except those that are way too short. I wear them everywhere.

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