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  1. Do not forget to check your e-mail box cause send u two messages, waiting for your reply please 

  2. Yesterday I got my dishwasher replaced and the guy replacing it was sagging about mid ass in some grey Hanes boxer briefs and black jeans. When he bent down I could see his whole ass and part of his crack. I was sagging too about mid ass. He had me pull some stuff out of the sink and when I bent down to do that my sag was totally showing for him to see.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lee249


      @jace unless I'm not mistaken, I don't think he managed to get pics mate. 

    3. Slcsagg


      @jace yeah didn’t get any pics I wish I had

    4. Lee249


      @jace chin up mate 😉 btw, I love your sags & the ones you do with your contacts 👍

  3. I’m a medium I’d be down to swap underwear. I’ve done it before and it’s a lot of fun
  4. I love wearing Ethikas
  5. Sweats and a hoodie with some gold Ethikas
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