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  1. Quick Pics

    Just thought I should take some pics of myself since the profile one is so small and to prove I'm not a creeper or anything. Here you go.
  2. Longboarding

    good lookin' guys, cool moves, and nice music
  3. Pubic Hair

    I've been shaving my pubes for almost a year now. I like it a lot more than having a bush down there. I don't keep it completely smooth all the time, but I try to shave them at least once a week. If you're interested in trying it, I can give you some tips. It looks and feels pretty good, and you'll look bigger too if you know what I mean.
  4. Kinda Saggin'

    He is cute. I like the weird/awkwardness too. The camera thing probably made him more nervous/awkward than he usually is. I get pretty weird too when there is a camera on me. I'm liking this new section so far though. This is gonna be good since has been gone
  5. Your new pics are so hot!

  6. What Does Everyone Want From Santa?

    This Xmas I would like... a new digital camera. Would be cool so I could get around to taking more pictures!
  7. Thanks for the friend add! :)

  8. Introductions!

    Been lurking around the gallery and forums for ages. Thought I'd finally post something! Hey guys! Name: Rich Age: 20 Height: 5'9" Weight: 130lbs-ish Style: Casual - favorite brand is FOX Sexuality: Bi (in the closet) Hobbies: Music (play piano, violin, and guitar), running/swimming, computer games, xbox Location: Tennessee

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