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  1. Enamoured with my new MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display... All the better to watch HD sagging videos with! ;D

    1. Vincent94


      Yay! I can assure you that it will look better :D

    2. JustinKool


      Indeed they do! Much, much better. ;D

  2. Enamoured with my new MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display... All the better to watch HD sagging videos with! 😉

  3. Eternally drooling over Justin Bieber pics... Happy to be back after a long break from this site (oddly without any email notifications like I should have gotten...). Unfortunately I decided to come back on the last day of my winter break, of course. -.-

    1. flameboard


      Welcome back pal :D Pleased to see you again. Not sure why you not receiving the mails though!

    2. JustinKool


      Neither do I! It's all fine now, I received a few today. I just know that when I signed in for the first time in a while I saw messages from mid-December and even August that I am sure I did not receive an email notification about. Perhaps it's because I was inactive for so long? Oh well, I certainly won't let that happen again! ;)

  4. What Do You Want With Justin Bieber?

    Well, I regret what answer I chose now...my new answer is certainly A. But I too have a few more ideas than that which I am unwilling to share. I am not so embarrassed to divulge that I have indeed wrote a very, very lengthly story/'fanfic' about my fictitious and enormously-unlikely endeavours with him.
  5. Congrats to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of a PRINCE! I am sure they will be excellent parents, and Prince Charles and Camilla will be wonderful grandparents. He will make a great king someday (and now I'm bursting into song from 'The Lion King'). :)

    1. Torment


      Hakuna Matata? :)

    2. datdude03


      too funny lol

    3. JustinKool


      "What a wonderful phrase!" :D

  6. Chris Hadfield is awesome! He has a bunch of videos explaining how quite mundane, everyday items work in space, but they're so much more interesting without gravity. I hope he gets to return to space a few more times. Go Canada!
  7. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Pompeii by Bastille.
  8. Video Of Boys Sagging In School

    Ah, I love how accepted sagging is in Europe! At least it seems to me that it is, anyway, maybe they were talking badly about it in Danish, lol. I noticed way more saggers when I went there in comparison to North America.
  9. How Frequently Do You Jack Off

    Well, I took the suggestions to thought and just went ahead and tried it a few months ago...it felt odd and gross, as I expected. Now, I do it daily too. Thanks for the encouragement!
  10. What Kind Of Car Do You Drive

    Woah! If you're serious, then that is a fantastic trio of fine automobiling excellence.I don't drive yet, but I want a Porsche Boxster. I tell that to my dad and he just laughs at me, lol.
  11. Toothpaste

    I like to change it up, but always natural. Whatever I feel like getting from the toothpaste section at Whole Foods, haha. I rather enjoy liquorice root toothpastes... Right now it's also Tom's of Maine.
  12. Bravo to the British Parliament on approving gay marriage! I'm not gay myself, but I firmly believe that love is love, no matter what gender!

    1. flameboard


      Oh yes! Best news in the UK for ages :D

    2. JustinKool


      Most countries are right there with Australia, sadly. It's something so simple and it hardly affects anyone except those that wish to take advantage of it. Hopefully the UK's ruling will be a catalyst for other countries to follow suit! I would want to move to the UK if only because of this, though it's legal in Canada as well. France might legalise it too! What is truly stupid is that anything other than straight marriage is considered a criminal offence in many coun...

    3. Rekhel


      France is on the way of legalisation, but there are still a lot of old fashionned people thinking that it's going to destroy our society and bring misfortune to our childs (because here, mariage and adoption are going together). I truly hope that it will be legalised...The answer will come next week !

  13. Bravo to the British Parliament on approving gay marriage! I'm not gay myself, but I firmly believe that love is love, no matter what gender!

  14. 007 Skyfall

    I finally saw it last night. It was marvellous! The only thing that irked me was that Land Rover didn't let them use 2014 Range Rovers in the film! I'm sure they could have... It made my already overbearing desire to be British increase ten-fold. God save the Queen! ;D
  15. Happy New Year

    Thanks! Happy (belated) New Year! Can't wait to see what great things you've in store for us in this new year.