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  1. BB with Belt and Jeans

    Drives me wild!
  2. Winter BB with Jeans

  3. Black and white BB with jeans and belt

    Hot jeans and sag!
  4. BB with Jeans and Belt (Without Shirt)

    Dang what a sexy album. I'm so turned on!
  5. Grindr

    Is Grindr still a popular app or is it pretty much old and irrelevant?
  6. Grindr

    Is Grindr still a popular app or is it pretty much old and irrelevant?
  7. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    REO Speedwagon live
  8. Hygiene Survey

    No after pissing, I shower after pooping so that would be yes I guess, shower at least once a day sometimes more if sweaty, underwear change usually everyday unless I haven't been sweaty.
  9. Where do you piss, preferably in the pants?

    Outdoors yes, dark blue jeans hot!
  10. 1

    saggernewbie, I left one out didn't I? lol. Hot!
  11. 3

  12. 2

    Mmmmmm, so damn sexy!!!!!!!
  13. 1

    Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!!!!!!
  14. Some new pics posted. Hope they're liked ;)


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