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    I like working out and staying fit and would like to hang out with another sagger.
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  1. 20170715_010548.jpg

    I don't know either but pic is hot.
  2. 20160808_222248.jpg

    F'n HOT.
  3. 20160917_234852.jpg

    Makes me so hard.
  4. 20170605_201712.jpg

  5. 20170605_201807.jpg

    Geez you drive me crazy with your jeans sags
  6. First sage post

    More jeans please.
  7. 20170421_124641.jpg

  8. 20170423_203901.jpg

    I want to bury my face in your ass.
  9. 20170418_165359.jpg

    Jeans are my favorite for you, but this is sexy a.f. too!
  10. Walking

  11. Ex-Boyfriend became a priest...

    Spot on hottie. Just like the Russians.
  12. Ex-Boyfriend became a priest...

    1) I think you're HOT. 2) A lot of gay guys turn to the priest hood 3) I think you're HOT.
  13. 20170411_170901.png

    I really love this one.
  14. 20170411_130237.jpg

  15. 20170411_130305.jpg

    I wonder how far my tongue would go. Um.

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