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    I like working out and staying fit and would like to hang out with another sagger.
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  1. Um, I wonder how far I could get my face down there
  2. I'm fantasizing about sliding my hand all the way down.
  3. Mmmmm sexy.
  4. Super hot.
  5. Hot.
  6. So hot!
  7. Sexy!
  8. The list is long, lol. But one time is when I look at sagger pics here.
  9. Driving me wild there son
  10. Right. Not 100% anyway, and that's ok dude. You are mostly into women but have a small side that enjoys part of the male body or male on male sexuality. I'm mostly gay, but there are some women dressed a certain way, with a certain build and look that drive me wild.
  11. From head to toe.
  12. Sexy!!!!
  13. Really hot sag. Love your body, and the jeans, and the sag. All together make me hard
  14. Sexy a.f.
  15. I could spend days exploring