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  1. Where do you piss, preferably in the pants?

    Outdoors yes, dark blue jeans hot!
  2. 1

    saggernewbie, I left one out didn't I? lol. Hot!
  3. 3

  4. 2

    Mmmmmm, so damn sexy!!!!!!!
  5. 1

    Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!!!!!!
  6. Some new pics posted. Hope they're liked ;)

  7. I know this is bad but...

    That's how it seems on the surface. What happen to our national debt? Take a look. Almost twenty trillion dollars. He passed on this so-called "leading us through recession" by ringing it up on the nation's charge cards for future generations to pay! Very irresponsible. He pulled troops out of Afghanistan leaving a mess and Isis to take control. And if you think he had anything to do with capturing/killing Bin Laden, you are misinformed. I've said my peace on this thread and will not be looking here again.
  8. I know this is bad but...

  9. I know this is bad but...

    Saggboo!! Stop confusing things with FACTS! Obviously people would rather spout off with their uninformed comments about Trump's Tweeting (which is irrelevant) and whatever they hear from the Destroy Trump Media. Never mind that the economy is much improved (Jobs: U.S. filings for unemployment benefits plummeted to the lowest level in almost 45 years, the Labor Department reported Jan. 18, Stock Market has hit 30 all time highs, that's right, 30!), cut taxes, Consumer Confidence at 16 year high, ISIS is on the run, Illegal Immigration is WAY down, and the list goes on and on. Take the time to put away biases and learn the facts. is he an egomaniac? Yes, he is, of course. And a bully sometimes? Yep. But that does not mean he does not make sound decisions in turning this country around! And he has done more to straighten out this messed up country in just a bit over a year than Obama or GW Bush (Who I voted for) did in their terms. Obama set us back decades. Facts are stubborn things.
  10. I know this is bad but...

    This is a very juvenile and ignorant response. I am being serious. Do you really believe that this is representative of tens of millions of gun owners, or are you just being flipped?
  11. I know this is bad but...

    What did Obama do in his eight years? Trump has already proposed better background checks, in just over one year of holding office.
  12. I know this is bad but...

    Just because Saggbboo noticed he's sagging doesn't mean he approved of what this horrible person did, and anybody here who saw those pictures on TV or wherever, and says they didn't noticed the sag is full of sh*t. Give me a break

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