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  • Birthday 10/06/1983

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  • Gender Male
  • How You Found Us? Search Engine (Ie Google)
  • Location Central Florida
  • Biography Deleted my albums and left for awhile. I was feeling kinda wierd being here and 30 years old, but I miss it. I am slim, athletic, bi guy who loves saggin and seeing hot sags! Maybe put a few pics back up. Thanks.
  • Interests Cars, fitness, nutrition, baseball
  • Occupation It's a secret
  • Sexuality Bi-Sexual

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  1. Cleaning in the shower

    Really hot bro
  2. image.jpeg

    Want my face in there
  3. image.jpeg

    So hot
  4. image.jpeg

    I wanna sniff you and your jeans
  5. image.jpeg

    So hot.
  6. image.jpeg

    I want to grab that!
  7. image.jpeg

    Mmmmmmmm, so hot!
  8. All your pictures have me wanting you!

    1. SaggerBoi8490


      Thanks man, you're pretty hot yourself.

    2. Sagonmyface


      Thanks man. Wish you were my neighbor ;)

  9. Come on over and I promise to entertain you ;)

  10. No, I don't think so at all. If you didn't mention it, it would never have crossed my mind. And I wouldn't be worried about the hard thing you described, that comes and goes. Probably feels like a hard round disc underneath the nipple?Testosteroneflowing heavily at your age. That is a common spot for people to hold a little fat.
  11. Wow you are really hot and so sexy in jeans.

  12. Hey dude.  I'm in central florida too.  Love your sagging!

    1. Sagonmyface


      Wow, hey, great to see someone nearby!

  13. Love the profile pic

  14. Is it normal to...

    It's super hot
  15. Very Low Bjorn Borgs On bike

    So that's YOU on the bike?