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  3. I'll log off with some (crappy) pictures. 

    I wanted to upload new ones but wanted to save the quality for an upcoming album. For the time being, enjoy these two (bad) pictures!

    upnclosesag (1).PNG

    newsag (1).PNG

  4. maxfli

    Word Association Game

  5. One of my coworkers had a epic sagg going on today at work a pair of black Nike sweatpants then a pair of gray Nike track pants then white Nike basketball shortst then blue plaid Hanes boxer shorts
  6. Yesterday
  7. Pabsman2024

    When did you start liking wedgies?

    What underwear did I wear a combination of a Thong and Boxer Shorts I was on a date with my girlfriend I gave her wedgie because she was wearing a thong I was wearing a thong with boxer shorts over the thong because I wanted to surprise her with that guys can wear thongs too so I was playing around so I gave her a wedgie that her thong went up her ass and in her *** so for payback she gave me a wedgie so she grabbed the waist band for both the thong and boxer shorts and pulled up on both I had both up in my ass and my c**k pressed up stomach which it showed my bulge so it both turn us on so we made out I like both
  8. Pabsman2024

    What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    It's 20 degrees outside and windy with the wind the wind chill is 8 degrees and 3 inches of snow on Sunday
  9. Pabsman2024

    What are you wearing right now?

    I am wearing a pair of tan American Eagle Joggers that I got at the thrift store for $5.00 better than paying $55.00 at American Eagle orange and black Furit Of Loom long leg boxer briefs brown UPS Logo T-SHIRT
  10. Pabsman2024

    Smoking Saggers

    I can't stand e-cigarettes it too harsh on my lungs I also smoke weed too because I have a prescription for medical marijuana because medical marijuana is legal in my state of Illinois I smoke 2 packs of Newport's no problem try one e-cigarette I was puking my brains out
  11. Pabsman2024

    Men's butts

    Guy's butt's are more interesting than female butt's it's all about the package
  12. Pabsman2024

    Word Association Game

    Shipping container house
  13. SaggersRhot

    Men's butts

    Yeah. I like seeing guys sagging and looking at the ass. Often wish I could go over and feel it. A nice ass is awesome.
  14. SaggerMatt

    Men's butts

    Yeah! The butt is what sagging is all about!
  15. Anonan

    COPS / Live PD

    "Get a picture of my abs." "I'm a chocolate swiss guy myself." xD
  16. nesagger26

    Men's butts

    When I check out a sagger, while I'm definitely looking at the front, I make it a priority to check out the back. I fantasize grabbing the butt when I see a sagger with a nice back side. Anyone else like having something to grab when kissing a sagger?
  17. SaggerLogan

    Is it ok if i'm on here?

    thnx cousin and im really srry for not reading the rules of the gallery. i didn glad im still on here.
  18. Pokemon

    Smoking Saggers

    Big turn off, hate the smell, I'm fine with weed but cigarettes are disgusting.
  19. I see saggers everyday and I'm in Maine of all places lol
  20. sagonly

    COPS / Live PD

    Nice sag between 01.26 and 01.43:
  21. TheOther1

    Smoking Saggers

    Couldn't be more of a turn off for some lol ... (me)
  22. Hope all the gay saggers had a Happy Valentine's Day. 

  23. SaggersRhot

    Valentine's Day Underwear

    Whats up guys. First, I'd like to wish all the gay saggers on here a Happy Valentine's Day. What underwear did you wear on Valentine's Day? Today I wore red American Eagle metalic boxerbriefs. What did you wear?
  24. Last week
  25. Yeah, kids are up to it again, though it's been around 30 years. Take care, kids!
  26. Well I can travel around where I live, or London, or Barcelona or wherever I am.. and I don't see any. When I can spend a week in a different major city and see no saggers, I would call it pretty dead lol
  27. Pabsman2024

    What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Mother nature is having mood swings today it's 50 degrees and cloudy by tomorrow it's 25 degrees and windy
  28. Pabsman2024

    Word Association Game

    A school bus converted into a R.V.
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