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COVID-19 : With this global pandemic taking its toll around the world, it is the time that we must all truly look out for ourselves. I urge that all members pay attention to the restrictions put into place in your local areas and not attempt to risk infection by being with other people to take photos, videos, etc. This is a time that we all need to look out for one another and our families. If your town, city or country goes into a Lock-Down, I urge that you Stay Home, Stay Safe so that we can all come out of this well. I hope that you and your families all remain safe and well during this unprecedented time. Regards Flameboard

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  1. Today
  2. ehrenmann

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I found this on youtube and I love it.
  3. ehrenmann

    Word Association Game

  4. ehrenmann

    A Or B?

    Plain Boxers hair on the abs or no hair?
  5. Jolen

    A Or B?

    Boxer briefs Patterned or plain boxers?
  6. Jolen

    Word Association Game

  7. Pabsman2024

    A Or B?

    Boxers Boxer Briefs or Briefs
  8. Pabsman2024

    Coronavirus outbreak

    I am exposed to it because I work in the shipping and transportation industry so I have seen important P.P.E's ,ventilators, to steak's,wine,beer and the non essential stuff like dildos, 75"T.V. gym equipment. On the weekends I deliver pizza so dealing with the public
  9. Pabsman2024

    Word Association Game

  10. Yesterday
  11. needing someone to talk, going through a rough time. private message me. 

    1. SFSaggerJock


      just PM me - very experienced in life, I can try and help or point you in a direction.

  12. check your PMs man :)

  13. Jolen

    What are you wearing right now?

    Perfect slobbing around the house outfit after a run 🏃
  14. mdplights

    What are you wearing right now?

    Just got back from the grocery. My jeans got a little low
  15. Pokemon


    Those are so cute
  16. As this thread hasn't had any posts for a while I've broken the rules slightly - three songs I'm addicted to at the minute
  17. New album, sagging my favourite two pairs of Bjorn Borg boxers. Making up for 11 years of not posting anything 😅

  18. CJS90


    oh yeah lee
  19. Lee249


    Love to go commando in the summer when everything is blooming & those styling nights. It's not summer, but I want to be brutilised. Force me into submission, hands tied to the bedposts, struggling with every fiber to break free. Yelling for help, then layers off duct tape is wrapped around my mouth. Sagging in my hot AEs whilst I'm taking advantage of. These ones have a fly. Getting ahead... hahahaha 😊
  20. jjbaria19

    Funny old videos 😁

    Hahaha. Yeah, I find the video funny at the same time gold too 💯😃😆
  21. Slade

    Funny old videos 😁

    Still my favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E1ZIryVOYE&list=PLn9QyyuR2xyNzSFFzMGy29su4u--7VSom&index=115&t=16s
  22. Did you receive my PM? Thanks, Lee

    1. gabeasston


      i did bro! cant wait to chat more 😀

  23. uploaded more pics for u all :)

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