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    I never really know what to say in these lol... I'm 19 years old live in OR, USA. I love seeing saggers out in public, it always just makes my day! If you really wanna know something, just ask :).
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    Website design and hosting, anything computer related really
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  1. db9david

    Masturbating At School

    Yes I really wanna do it again haha! And yeah but it's a lot easier .
  2. db9david

    Masturbating At School

    I figured . It was pretty hot, to say so myself lol.
  3. Getting ready to order . Awesome.
  4. db9david

    Masturbating At School

    Right into my boxers in my pants haha.
  5. db9david

    Masturbating At School

    There were a few teachers at my high school that I may or may not have day dreamed about with all the 'fun' things we could do . As for jerking it in class, haha, yes I have . It was one of the best days ever. I was in my math class, there were others around but they were all 2 rows ahead of me and nobody was sitting beside me. I was bored, and horny, so I stuck my hands down my pants and came so hard in my boxers.
  6. db9david

    shooting your spunk

    I usually just cum on some of my boxers that I like . And then some days I'll wear them after it's all dried.
  7. db9david

    So I Just Bought Some Under Armour....

    Everything Under Armour is amazing . And yes, Flame, when you wear jeans over them they tend to slide down a bit easier .
  8. db9david

    Exchange Pictures ;)

    I'm always up for it .
  9. Should I take some new pics? What should I do?

    1. bgabbback


      yea bro. something with UA and bball shorts

    2. db9david
    3. striker25us


      yeah and Double sagg is hott to

  10. heyy SKYPE?? (;

  11. Am I the only one that feels a bit awkward when guys just start hitting on you on here when they don't even have any pics..?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. CosmoBoy


      I don't mind 60 years olds, they have the right to get off on whatever they want ! LOL

      But I do mind users with NO info at all, no pics, no posts lurking around anonymously...

      It always sounds like a one way thing that I'm not comfortable with.

    3. db9david


      Exactly! Lol. It's like someone with noooo info messages you with all "wow you're so hot you have great pics" and it's like, gee thanks for the compliment but I'm a bit creeped out as you have no info on here and have no idea who you are.

    4. LandJ
  12. I love your pictures(;

  13. db9david

    What are you wearing right now?

    Underarmour compressions shorts and my bball shorts, that's all.
  14. I added some new pics :). Im gonna head off and shower :P. BBL

    1. flameboard


      Nice pics, Get some bright boxers to show the sag off well :P hehe! Enjoy the shower!

    2. db9david


      I think I might have a few I could show off.. And haha, I will :P

    3. Jakeboi


      Cant wait!(:


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