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  1. New video!

    1. TimLucas


      It's freakin' hot bro!

    2. Emohotboy


      Seriously would like so badly to see that video 

  2. yo wuts good man? tite pix kidd where u at?

  3. Whats up ******? like yo pics man. way cool. where u from?

  4. hey, your sag is so ******* sexy!!!! if you ever want to meet up, chill, or have some fun hit me up! id love to hear from you

  5. damn bruhh that would be hot as **** - DAMN - lets make it happen

  6. hey, u r such a hott ****, luv ur sagg. would love to chill wit you...maybe a 3 banger wit you, me and my bf..

  7. supp man? HOT pics!

  8. Love ure youtube videos mate! You got any more coming soon? Really hope so!

  9. supp man wanna trade pics?

  10. Not much haha. Just wanted to say I like your pics. You're pretty hot. :)

  11. Yo dude what's up?

  12. Hey, cheers for the friend add... love your look btw, very hot!

  13. heyyyy hottness!! hows it goin?? yew shud DEFINATELY hit me up sumtime so we can "talk" or sumtin...



    deangelodenny@hotmail.com USE IT!!! lol

  14. ive been hittin u up man the past 2 days on aim n u havent hit me bak

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