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  1. bruh these boxers i bought at random legit say "excellent service" in spanish and have 5 stars

    264 (2).jpg

    264 (3).jpg


    264 (1).jpg

  2. Just when i was looking for new Hip Hop. Having saggers into the mix is simply a blessing! Thanks a bunch, Matt! I'll check it out later
  3. In here fixing a hinge...


  4. Quarantine sucks...

    (Complying as a good citizen, tho)


    1. ehrenmann


      It may suck, but your sag is awesome

  5. Just coming back to the site. Had a hernia that prevented me from taking pictures...sucks, but it’s gone now, so i’ll be posting pics and vids shortly...

    1. CJS90


      get well soon leon

  6. Just CK boxer briefs...that’s how i sleep also...i’m not sleeping tonighto
  7. Woah, CKs are so dope!!!

    1. Lee249


      They sure are mate. Nice undies! 

  8. Wondering if i should take some pics...

    1. ehrenmann


      Yeah, why not? 

    2. Lee249


      Go for it dude. 

  9. Yeah i have. I usually have sex with boxers and socks on... I always peel them down in the front. Except for (literally) a couple of times i only wore socks But i hate being naked, and boxer-briefs are flexible enough for me...
  10. Be uploading some chill pictures soon...

  11. Lol.+This+boxers+i+stole+a+while+ago+from+a+pothead+friend+of+mine+have+an+improvised+weed-pocket+made+out+of+a+sock.



    1. ehrenmann


      Very creative 

  12. Whoah, this is weird

    uploaded some pictures yesterday using my iphone, they never showed up...this is weird...

    and i deleted them from the phone, so there’s that...

    this blows...

    1. TheOther1
    2. LeonSagger


      No that's actually a different upload

      My other boxers were dark-green

    3. TheOther1


      Hmm. I cant recall seeing any. But when you post them they have to be approved so this takes a bit of time. 

  13. In fact, have at it mimd the hair, i’ll shave later...
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