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  1. right back at u man, fkn hot pics!! ;)

  2. I just like telling ppl when they have a Hott sag like yours. Do you chat with other saggers like aim or something

  3. boxerssagger

    Any guy bi or gay?

    I'm gay haha I'm on here on my iPhone though so chat doesn't work. My yahoo and skype screennames are both boxerssagger though
  4. boxerssagger

    Shave/trim/leave pubes?

    I usually shave. But trim when I'm lazy haha.
  5. You'll look hot. Trust me ;P

    Can't wait to see!

  6. That sounds hot haha :) I'll try a low sagging one even though idk hot ooh I'll look with that xD.

  7. Anytime :)

    Well I'm working on an extremely ripped jeans album right now, and maybe a few just boxer pics.

    You should do some extremely low sags, those are always hot ;)

  8. Thanks for the comments :) I'm at a stalemate as well. Any suggestions? :)

  9. Well maybe a little :P haha

  10. Haha you know it's true! :)

  11. HAHA dont say that :P

    Well yeah, what can i say, we do make a good show of it haha!


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