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    am a sagger in sagging low baggy skater jeans.....have webcam
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    am a sagger in sagging low baggy skater jeans.....have webcam
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  1. Hey bro! Wanna Skype sometime? Add me: andrew.891. Later dude!

  2. Nice profile picture. Looks like that pair of jeans for larger images

  3. supp man wanna trade pics?

  4. wicked profile pic dude, post some more !!

  5. Hey dudes...horny sagger here for similar. into boxers shorts....loose baggys skater jeans....wifebeaters...tall tees! add me to MSN, yahoo or SKYPE bro! hit me up!

  6. hey man are you on cam now ,,,,,to sagg in loose skater baggys????

  7. Hey dude how are you???

  8. hey dude u got MSN or yahoo or SKYPE?

  9. yeah, sure, my e-mail is sasqla@yahoo.de, go for it

  10. hey dude u got MSN yahoo or SKYPE?

  11. hi dude u got MSN yahoo or SKYPE?

  12. hey dude u have MSN, yahoo or SKYPE?

  13. dude just send the vids......hit me back......


  14. hi dude do you have MSN yahoo or SKYPE?