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    Hey guys, i'm a gay British lad with a fond interest for sagging and underwear. I first realised my passion for this hot trend when one day i happened to be on a double decker bus waiting for my stop. I was holding onto a bar to balance myself and as i looked to my right, there stood a college lad sagging incredibly low that his boxer fly-button was on full show! I had butterflies then and after. Always up for making friends and getting to know other saggers :) if you have a question, need help with anything site related or simply a friendly conversation i'm your man. Drop me a line anytime.
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    Art such as sketching, painting, drawing etc. Music, games, cars, footie, tennis, SAGGING
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    Retail Assistant
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  1. I made a fool of meself this morning rushing around frantic getting ready for work. Bus was due any minute and was like HAUL ASS lol. I confused the hairspray can for deodorant (both stand in close proximity) Ok... Never done that one before 😂😂😂

  2. Oh right... Well you shouldn't leave them there gathering dust mate. A restraining order is required
  3. Sweetcorn I like corn on the cob
  4. I don't blame you HAHA. You still got them cuffs? I've been a very naughty boy
  5. Three hours of Voyager on the Horror channel await! Right from the beginning. Just tuned in. These are what Sundays are really for
  6. For goodness sakes just get @TheOther1 to lead you into Tesco sagging to the nines handcuffed and gagged. The shoppers will have something else to gorp at besides the aisles.
  7. Wish i was hearing this tune in a club! Shame about the vid lol
  8. I'm in my element when sagging, it gives me so much joy 😀 early heads up for new album next week 😆 

  9. Farming
  10. I think we should bring this back waddaya say eh Prize
  11. Boxershorts under Boardshorts. Petrol or Diesel? Ps. Should the word Shorts be spelled separate from Boxers and Board? It's kinda confusing. Sorry if this sounds stupid. Thanks.
  12. Lmao! I thought the same thing.
  13. Hmm... Bit of a mix bag outfit wise today. Got them pulled down nice and low kneeling on the desk here to ensure that my backside gets into the mirror. Must get round to knocking a nail into the wall and lowering it. Otherwise, i'll have to find a stool to stand on Sagging underneath our calendar SOTM is an honour
  14. When will the Americans get the British accent right Other than that, this is quite a humorous scene from the SATC archive.
  15. I've been streaming some new tunes today. Well... new ones for me haha. Enjoy