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    Hey guys, i'm a gay British lad with a fond interest for sagging and underwear. I first realised my passion for this hot trend when one day i happened to be on a double decker bus waiting for my stop. I was holding onto a bar to balance myself and as i looked to my right, there stood a college lad sagging incredibly low that his boxer fly-button was on full show! I had butterflies then and after. Always up for making friends and getting to know other saggers :) if you have a question, need help with anything site related or simply a friendly conversation i'm your man. Drop me a line anytime.
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    Art such as sketching, painting, drawing etc. Music, games, cars, footie, tennis, SAGGING
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    Retail Assistant
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  1. It's not the buddy, the site set up has changed not allowing me to do anything on Tumblr.
  2. My sister is most selfish and self-righteous ***** i've ever known. Never thought i'd ever say that about my own flesh and blood i'm fuming. 

    1. Lee249


      She's wanting to find out my dad's will (which he hasn't made yet) in order to get Botox and **** done. Disgusted!!!! 

    2. manniberlin
  3. The app would kill my storage... Well this kinda looks like i'm gonna have to make decision. Either Tumblr or pics it can't work both ways. Gotta let one go 😓
  4. I think that somebody might need to do pics soon. Really outta. The weather is on the up so we'll see :) 

  5. Kinda hoped for u that's basically what happens whenever i go into tumblr it's frustrating. LITERALY tap on the minus choice which i'd assume gives me the full page back (as you'd expect) and nowt. Believe me mate, it doesn't matter what i try, that left hand side still remains. Only the past week or so it's changed. Hope you can help *sigh* and of course, anything is good thanks! Kinda in a sticking note. I can't move. Much appreciated buddy. Lee
  6. Nonsense. I wear FOTL Raglan tops for goodness sakes. It's not the expense, it's about feeling good on a budget. Oh hmm.. Are Hanes part of the FOTL franchise?
  7. This has been annoying me for over a week now! I can't make a single post because that blasted **** won't allow me to do so Anyone else got this? I want to make a ******* post but all i get is that And yes, I'm afraid the negative gave me no positive. GOD... some head would make me feel better.
  8. Had to rely upon my brother to pick me up from Broadway, Peterborough because the taxi i booked never turned up. Like 3am! He doesn't like me much now tho 😔 I was stuck! 

    1. Lee249


      I was more worried about the weird drunk and tramp blokes hovering creeping me out. I thought if not knifed then i'll be fine. Peterborough can be a place of lunatics at the weekend. I've actually slept in the bus station and other places homeless many times so it isn't a biggie like. Just glad to be safe!

    2. manniberlin


      Good ur are back home safe

    3. Lee249


      Thanks mate 👍 It was a shock, and then i've been in this situation myself - alone and scared. People don't understand what it's like to be homeless on the street with abso nothing until they've experienced it. Worst f*ckin two years of my life! Can't believe i'm sharing any of this with y'all.

  9. Reports suggest that Avril is making an overdue comeback with her fifth studio album later this year. Let's hope so! She was a big influence on me growing up. EDIT: sharing this with y'all because i haven't heard the explicit version before... Until now omg haha love it 😂
  10. Hmm... Which brand of boxerbriefs were you wearing at the wedding? I kinda get what you're saying because the fabric types differ from one brand or style of boxerbriefs to another. For example, i remember the first time i wore microfibre CK trunks. Same size as normal (small) and those seemed a little shorter and sort of had a stretchy close cut edge to them.
  11. @SexySaggerYo Thanks for making my sag vid request happen You look f*ckin sensational as always!! This video is INCREDIBLE dude. Omg, thank you for doing this
  12. He so wants to eat that ass lol
  13. Just uploaded some sexy pics into the galleries :)