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    Hey guys, i'm a gay British lad with a fond interest for sagging and underwear. I first realised my passion for this hot trend when one day i happened to be on a double decker bus waiting for my stop. I was holding onto a bar to balance myself and as i looked to my right, there stood a college lad sagging incredibly low that his boxer fly-button was on full show! I had butterflies then and after. Always up for making friends and getting to know other saggers :) if you have a question, need help with anything site related or simply a friendly conversation i'm your man. Drop me a line anytime.
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  1. How many of you guys are fake?

    I can see how that would push you to the edge. I would suggest you contact the bank immediately and put a block on it. Jeeze! This has been freakin exhausting. Now is sleepy time Nite.
  2. How many of you guys are fake?

    I got "upset" because i first read the s***storm (nasty and provocative) comments in the gallery. Then you go posting this thread and the two linked. I told you my opinion and then you go and made everything worse, which just pissed me off even more. Just think in future OK.
  3. How many of you guys are fake?

    This is just getting too ridiculous. I've gotta be up for work in 5 hours! AS I KEEP SAYING... We're talking about your despicable behaviour from earlier not the ballet. Get it in your head dude and stop provoking everyone. Is that too much to ask??? Can't wait until the admins get wind of this discussion it's gonna be beautiful.
  4. How many of you guys are fake?

    Me a bully? HAHAHAHA you're f****** hilarious!!!!!!!!!! Get a life d****head.
  5. How many of you guys are fake?

    Well you do have a reputation for putting your foot it your mouth and making us dislike you intensely. And anyway... This is an entirely different issue! Duh!
  6. How many of you guys are fake?

    This has nothing to do with the ballet thread. It was regarding your bullying behaviour towards @jonasbarros1. Ya f****** C***!
  7. How many of you guys are fake?

    To be fair @saggin has a fair point. You him to stand down and then further antagonise. Yet... According to you that isn't bullying? Okay...
  8. How many of you guys are fake?

    I would quit while you're ahead @saggbboo remember... YOU started all this. If you kept your beak shut, none of it would've happened!
  9. How many of you guys are fake?

    Well said mate!
  10. Wish i hadn't bothered going into the gallery now after reading that s***storm :cursing: 

    1. saggbboo


      Well you didn't have to read it... There was a lot more in the private messages that you didn't see. 

  11. How many of you guys are fake?

    @saggbboo I understand your frustration when it comes to getting to know people, only for that person/persons to s*** on your feelings. I've misjudged people myself who turned out to be fake! I think many other members also agree, it is a sad fact. There are trolls in the world. However, directly hurling abuse towards someone and publicly so was completely unnecessary and intimidation. It was an onslaught and soooo NOT cool man. For all you know, it could be all be innocent. He probably did that to conceal the background. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy makes a delete account request. Not everyone is as open and likes to expose themselves comfortably in front of the camera. It could've been handled with more care and consideration. That's all. Lee
  12. Overcast and dull here and yet it's supposed to be August

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