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  • How You Found Us? Search Engine (Ie Google)
  • Location RAF Wittering, East England, UK
  • Biography Hey guys, i'm a gay British lad with a fond interest for sagging and underwear. I first realised my passion for this hot trend when one day i happened to be on a double decker bus waiting for my stop. I was holding onto a bar to balance myself and as i looked to my right, there stood a college lad sagging incredibly low that his boxer fly-button was on full show! I had butterflies then and after. Always up for making friends and getting to know other saggers :) if you have a question, need help with anything site related or simply a friendly conversation i'm your man. Drop me a line anytime.
  • Interests Art such as sketching, painting, drawing etc. Music, games, cars, footie, tennis, SAGGING
  • Occupation Retail Assistant
  • Sexuality Gay

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  1. @flameboarddo you wina prize for guessing correctly?You should go round his and steal them back and grab what you can lol
  2. I'm afraid it's a repost guys, sorry. I can't get this song shifted from me brain haha
  3. What are you wearing right now?

    I added pics to status update but here's an extra bonus. I'm wearing a naughty wan*ert-shirt (statement kind of applies) I like to play down there when i'm needed haha.Cute Weenicons novelty bbs, grey Hollister joggers and black Adidas ankle socks. I almost lost them at this stage.... ⬆️
  4. These english players are upset because my ass met their faces :P 




    1. MrHotSaggerAss


      That wouldn't make them sad bro!

    2. James86


      They don't know how lucky they are lol

  5. Word Association Game

    *bumped* has anyone got a word for me?
  6. Super horny and immensely excited mmmmm 😂



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. NRWsagger


      For one moment i thought that i saw you putting your phone into your pants in the first pic. :D

    3. Lee249


      @lazaira they're Quicksilver :) 


      @NRWsagger you should've looked closer hehehehe :P 

    4. Robert18


      Hahahah I'm feeling the same way right now. ;D Lol

  7. image.jpeg

  8. Word Association Game

  9. Denim shirt + 3/4 length denim shorts for todays sag. Oh.... And hot green checked AEs. Must not forget those! haha :P image.jpg



    1. CJS90


      lee hot as heck

  10. Body hair

  11. man you have nice pics, wanna chat?

  12. Word Association Game

    Squished haha
  13. Can i just say how mesmerising your Beach and Arcades album is. It's by far the best one in your back catalogue. Also my personal fave of yours. Overall, an excellent album containing wonderful pics. Well done! 



  14. Whenever i come to my second home which is here i tend to misbehave haha ^_^ I can be my usual gay self and not be cautious of this fact like hide it. It's just so satisfying to be surrounded by lads who know and appreciate what sagging is. I speak up for the sagging community lol 

    1. CJS90


      i enjoy your presents lee don't be sorry