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    Hey guys, i'm a gay British lad with a fond interest for sagging and underwear. I first realised my passion for this hot trend when one day i happened to be on a double decker bus waiting for my stop. I was holding onto a bar to balance myself and as i looked to my right, there stood a college lad sagging incredibly low that his boxer fly-button was on full show! I had butterflies then and after. Always up for making friends and getting to know other saggers :) if you have a question, need help with anything site related or simply a friendly conversation i'm your man. Drop me a line anytime.
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    Art such as sketching, painting, drawing etc. Music, games, cars, footie, tennis, SAGGING
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  1. Popped into River Island during lunch & bought myself a new pair of sexy ripped knee skinnies. Cannot wait to show y'all them 😁

  2. I never get tired of seeing all your sags, it makes my day hence the odd stiffy LOL

  3. WTF has happened to saggers in the UK. Where have they gone? 

    1. andre33


      Here in Italy same situation :(

    2. TheOther1


      Long gone.....

    3. Lee249


      I haven't seen any saggers around for ages, it sucks 😔 

  4. Dillonnnnn 😉

    1. Dillon


      Leeeeeeee 😀

  5. pics now!!!

    OMG, that's like an unbelievable pic. Crap?... Nah no crapness it's good Nevermind about stories, although they give an extra take on the imagery. A sag is a sag and @manniberlin nobody has to share their face or be obscene about it.
  6. No sleep for me i'm too anxious about tomorrow 😔

  7. pics now!!!

    I appreciated that, i'm probably too hard on myself tbh... I'm one of those types who hates to make mistakes & then beats himself up emotionally. Feedback is really helpful to understand what/how i can improve as a sagger. Maybe i should start to believe more in myself & not worry about what others are thinking. Thanks. I actually feel much happier now lol. Pretty good getting these things out in the open
  8. I can't stop hearing this it's just brilliant toonage
  9. pics now!!!

    I'm astounded by the amount of followers he has, but he's Flamey & everyone loves him. I have tried to contact him on FB. He hasn't responded to any of my messages which is sad I do try. Not bad considering i have no help with my shoots.
  10. pics now!!!

    Nice little village called RAF Wittering in Cambridgeshire UK.
  11. I was firing on all cylinders earlier & now i'm well horny again ☺️

  12. pics now!!!

    Location is key... See that's where i let myself down tbh. Silliest thing is, my previous address was open & there were fields all around plus woodland. I could've got lost up there in my pics element Hey, wanna help a fella out? I've dreamt of the day in regards to doing a duo shoot. Torsion, bless him helped me with the summer competition a couple of years back. I require more outdoor pics
  13. pics now!!!


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