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  2. What are you wearing right now?

    black t shirt, black nike comprssion shorts, red adidas soccer shorts, blue adidas soccer shorts, navy adidas trackies.
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  4. Hey guys, I don't know why I'm posting this, if I'm honest. Probably to just get my feelings off my chest and let some people that are unknown and neutral to give their thoughts... Anyway... On March 2, my boyfriend of almost 5 years (we've lived together for 3.5) walked out on me, saying that he was unhappy and had been for a while. He said that over the course of our relationship he felt like he'd lost himself and had to change who he was to keep me happy, which was completely out of left field because I thought things were going well. He's gone for about a week, and not talking to me, so I don't text or message him to give him space. He then puts on FB that he's upset over losing his bestfriend (me) and doesn't know how to handle it. We start talking, with him telling me that he met a guy the weekend he walked out and that they'd been hanging out. As the conversation progressed he admitted that they had boned each other. I took this as a sign and started to move on... Until last Thursday when he sent me a text saying that he had been thinking a lot the night before about things and he couldn't see himself with anyone but me in his older age. I agreed to him coming back last Friday so that we could talk and start to figure things out. In doing so, he told me the thoughts came after he and this new guy had unprotected sex (the guy had gotten tested a few days prior to them doing it). I admitted all my wrongs and said I'd be willing to do anything to work on our relationship and he agreed. Last Saturday morning we had sex (yes unprotected) and hung out for the day (got a haircut and my ears pierced) before I headed home for the night to do a ride along with my Dad (cop back home) for St Patrick's Day. I came home after, and he comes back from his parents, where he stayed the night, and told me that we shouldn't be together. He didn't want to rush into anything and said he needed to find himself before finding a relationship. So there I was, walked out on again... I've now come to find, from him telling me, that things have gotten more serious between him & this guy (sex is only bare now) and they're spending more time together with him staying the night more often. The last couple of nights I've gone out with a couple of guys, but it just doesn't feel right to me. He's clearly moved on, and quite quickly, but how do I do the same? How do I get him out of my system and move on with life without thinking that it should be him sitting across the table from me instead of stranger? Thanks for any insight and advice.
  5. Pierced ears and earrings

    Just got mine done last Saturday. Keep forgetting they're there and have also ripped them out a few times 😂
  6. Where do you piss, preferably in the pants?

    Not true actually. Urine is a sanitizer, that's why after sex and ejaculation we piss; it kills the sperm left in the urethra.
  7. humping a bed while sagging just feels so good... ooh god ;P

    1. lo2go


      Oh, yeah!  Best when sagging commando, though naked is about as spectacular.

  8. Where do you piss, preferably in the pants?

    In the toilet... because you know that **** unsanitary
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hygiene Survey

    Before I studied I was a master chef, with the German Federal Navy, in kitchens, hygiene is the top priority. I have kept that, especially since I still cook private. I also help out with some restaurants if there is a lot to do there and whole seaside resorts go out to eat. That's why hygiene is very important. Even in the laboratory or on our devices with millions of dollars at the university you have to maintain a certain hygiene.
  11. Hygiene Survey

    No after pissing, I shower after pooping so that would be yes I guess, shower at least once a day sometimes more if sweaty, underwear change usually everyday unless I haven't been sweaty.
  12. P18-11-16_09.32[03].jpg

    Very hot. Can we please some pics from behind in those jeans PLEASE.
  13. Last week
  14. Live PD Sagger

    His being a dumb-a** serves our purposes well. I think the camera guy is one of us- he got some great shots.
  15. Take my picture now... Shake it till you see it ;)

  16. Posted some pics to members gallery... take a look xx

  17. Live PD Sagger

    Police were really cool about this.
  18. A Or B?

    Piss The knob or Ass
  19. Live PD Sagger

    Yeah I want to say the last 20 seconds or so, maybe less than that his pants are almost completely off.
  20. Live PD Sagger

    Jeans totally fell down haha
  21. Live PD Sagger

    Yeah i works, and yeah, that's a "wow" sag. Neat vid.
  22. All my peeps in Texas, be safe

    He dead. He done blowed hisself up.
  23. Italian Sagger Ad

  24. Live PD Sagger

  25. Where do you piss, preferably in the pants?

    Pissing pants is fun, especially out of doors; or on an other sagger's pants.
  26. WIN_20171211_11_46_38_Pro.jpg

    All I want . . . is to see more . . keep it up, studly sagger!
  27. WIN_20171211_11_47_47_Pro (2).jpg

    Wow! Don't you feel ashamed teasing us and doing that to us??? Or are you delighted at what you are doing to us??? Uh huh. Thought so, you awesome stud.
  28. WIN_20171211_12_04_58_Pro (2).jpg

    Awesome ad for CK's; they'd empty the warehouse.
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