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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hottie of the day
  3. F**** yeah, I hadn't seen these guys before.
  4. Damn! I can't stop hearing this. It's addictive lol
  5. Rainy days can bring pleasure to a sagger ☔️😉👊
  6. Well looks like summer has gone. ☔️ 

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    2. salesmerlin


      Haha yikes man we had 35C last two weeks then it got colder end of last week and rain this week, but yay do prefer the cold to the heat!

    3. Lee249


      Oh i know, i've been forced to ditch my shorts and pull on jeans and beanie. I took some pics to cheer me up though lol

    4. kaden


      Summer just started here in US!

  7. Day off tomorrow. I'm taking this beauty with me 😁
  8. Last week
  9. Dudes, this vid rocks. Great boxers sags and skinny jeans
  10. When the rain clears and dries up the bench awaits. Hopefully i'll have better luck this time around. Second time lucky 😏

  11. HOT !
  12. hot pic and sag
  13. hot sag !
  14. I wanna be around this guy lol
  15. Helloooo
  16. Can I add compression shorts to the list? Compression shorts 20+ Boxer briefs 10 Thong 1 (silly present one christmas from a mate)
  17. Hot
  18. Hi there, thanks for all the comments! :D


    1. Lee249


      You're welcome buddy. The album contains lots of really hot sags! B)

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