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  1. Past hour
  2. Nice and low
  3. XD
  4. Super nice
  5. Nice !
  6. Very hot !
  7. they delete my vid on youtube... here's the second...
  8. That hot body? In a moment, and for a long time . . . Sexy sag; wish that was my hand there.
  9. great sag !
  10. Today
  11. Beau sag, belle lumière
  12. Superbe sag, même flou
  13. From the album Random sagging

  14. hey bro, i might be comin to melbourne again in august, let me know if u wanna hangout and do some saggin

  15. Yesterday
  16. Nice sag and hot belt
  17. hot ass go lower
  18. Very hot!
  19. Sweet sag! Sitting on your bbs sagging skinny jeans. Perfect pose!
  20. Nice!
  21. hey bro, like ur pics! im goin to NYC, Toronto and Montreal 7th - 10th May, let me know if u wanna hang out and sag

  22. Alright!👉👌
  23. Sure do, man, enjoying the post and the body, as well as low sag in unbelted jeans. In other words, sexy pic, and I like it. Do more!
  24. Well, whether he is or not, I want to be there with you. He can go find a girl; I want you.
  25. hey bro, im goin to montreal on May 9th/10th, let me know if u wanna hang out and sag

  26. hey bro, im goin to montreal 9th/10th May, let me know if u wanna hang out and sag

  27. hey bro, im goin to Toronto on 8th/9th May, u wanna hang out and sag?

  28. hey bro, lækkert sag i dine humör pants der! ;b

    1. peterandersen


      Tak for det ! hvad har du på idag ?

    2. udnytmig18


      saggede et par slim levis 510, men har skiftet til adidas nu ;) dig?

      hvor gammel er du? og hvor i landet er du?

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