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  2. max0584

    The Saggers Survey

    Age: 18 Gay Straight or Bi: Straight Race: White Hometown: Germany Grade: 12th Clothing What kind of underwear do you wear: Briefs, sometimes Thongs What brand do you wear: Calvin Klein, Jack&Jones, Hollister, Tommy Hilfiger etc. Do you wear a jockstrap for anything: No, but I want to buy one soon! What do you wear to swim: Swim pants or briefs Do you ever freeball? No What kind of socks to you wear (above or below the ankle): Below the ankle Body Are you slim, average, or "bigger": Average, I guess... Do you have any body hair: No, I try to shave it steady Do you have any facial hair: No Do you have any of your body or facial hair: Do you trim or shave your pubes: Yes Below the Belt When was the last time you had a boner: Now Do you have one now: Yes Do you masterbate: Sometimes When: At the evening Where: In my bed How: Hands What is you favorite way to jerk off: Try on my briefs What do you wear to jerk off: Briefs How do you clean up: Tissue Have you every masterbated analy: Yes Fun with Boys or Girls Have you ever jerked in front of another boy: Yes If not would you: Have you ever jerked in front of a girl: No If not would you: Of course Have you ever masterbated another boy: Yes If not would you: Have you ever fingered a girl: No If not would you: Of course Have you ever had oral sex with a boy: Yes Did you give or recive: Both If not would you: Have you ever had oral sex with a girl: No Did you give or recive: If not would you: Yes (If you answer yes to any of these next questions go on to the next part) Have you ever had sex with another boy: Yes Were you top or bottom: Both Did you enjoy it: Yeaaa.. but it was only a "try-on" If not would you: Have you ever had sex with a girl: No Did you enjoy it: If not would you: Of course Sex, Sex, and more Sex What is your favorite postion: Women on top Do you use protection: Condoms What kind: What is you favorite kind or condom: Have you ever had anal with a girl: No If no would you: Year Where have you had sex (mark with an x) Your bed: [x] Your parents bed: [] Your lovers bed: [] The bath: [x] The Shower: [x] The floor: [] The Couch: [x] Outside: [] In a hot tub or pool: [] Where did you lose you virginity: Bed Have you ever had sex in public: No Would you: Rather not When was the last time you had sex: 2 Months Did you cum: Yes Did they cum: Yes And last but not least Did this Survey make you horny:blushing:: Yes
  3. Today
  4. Krister

    piss myself

    Go for it: seeing guys pissing their pants is hot.
  5. Lee249

    piss myself

    I don't really get the pissing thing. Love seeing guys sagging and getting wet though
  6. Got the Muse vibe going
  7. Lee249

    Selling some undies

    Thanks mate. I shall look now
  8. Showery and cool. I bought my winter coat Friday am not ready to throw it on just yet though lol
  9. Lee249

    A Or B?

    USA (Canada is nice too) Top or Bottom?
  10. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    Toilet aka bog as i'd like to call it lol
  11. ShirtlessAnubis

    Anyone into worn undies?

    For me it depends on who was wearing them, if I like his scent then i'll be all over his unwashed clothing
  12. Yesterday
  13. anyone who's up for sagging and maybe other stuff then

    hit me up on Skype hayden.hudson24

    1. Lukey


      I said hiya on skype buddy :) Im from Norfolk 22 hbu?

  14. WetSaggerstyle


    really cool
  15. soakedsagger

    piss myself

    You could just take some stills from it... Or post it somewhere and give a link
  16. jayme115

    piss myself

    guess you cant post videos
  17. Got da next 10 days off!! 

  18. Last week
  19. saggernewbie

    I found this

    He’s very hot !
  20. Rad

    I found this

    Love this guys style. Is there still a lot of sagging in Germany?
  21. Last+minute+:+is+anyone+in+Oslo+tonight+or+tomorrow+night,+and+up+for+sagging,+beers+and+what+not+?+Last+minute+I+know,+but+who+knows+?+PM+or+Kik+me+! 

  22. ocemi77

    I found this

    8:33 , He's pretty hot !
  23. saggin

    I found this

    Oh damn! Huh, sometimes I think I should move to Germany. Audition for Stuttgart Ballet, learn the language, mingle with the large number of hot sagger boys that seem to live there. Hehe
  24. lary10

    Bars And Melody - Leondre
  25. Meosag

    I found this

  26. lo2go

    Adidas Shorts and Satin Boxers

  27. lo2go

    Adidas Shorts

    So hot . . . you AND the sag! This is wet dream stuff.
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