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  3. Welcome back Pink! Love it
  4. What time is it were you live

    20:24BST (British summer time) in RAF Wittering, UK according to my phone clock
  5. I'm on my old iPhone 3G because the cable got twisted and broke apart. Geees! This looks ANCIENT oh dear lol

    Guys, don't forget to check out the latest album when you've got a sec ta. Link here: 


  6. Should I go out like this?

    def. why not?
  7. Day off from work, the best kind of day 

    1. Lee249


      I agree :D good to have the day off. I'm always in another gear even away from the shop. Did it go well mate? 

  8. BawBags and BMX Sagging

    Here are some photos that I took when I was filming a new video that will be up on YouTube most likely next month.
  9. I'm looking to buy or trade a pair or 2 of size 11/11.5US Nike Air Max 90 kicks. Hmu if you have some you wouldn't mind letting go of: mjb310 at yahoo . com
  10. What time is it were you live

    I want to see how many people that live in different countries and see when it day time in Europe when it's night time in The USA
  11. Yesterday
  12. What time is it were you live

    European mean time 19:06: Italy, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden.
  13. What time is it were you live

    I've been checking Saggerworld in the afternoon mostly lately, but I'm in the Midwest (Central time) as well.
  14. Hey, I can't send you messages :(

  15. What time is it were you live

    Ok, it is 17:00 where I live, so what part of the world am i in? It is almost like a guessing game too as you also need to work out how long ago I made the post.
  16. What time is it were you live

    To see what part of you the world you live in
  17. IMG-20170517-WA0012.jpg

    Bit of a hand full!
  18. IMG-20170520-WA0013.jpeg

    So, so hot ...
  19. IMG-20170611-WA0039.jpeg

    Great sag !
  20. IMG-20170517-WA0012.jpg

    So hot !!
  21. What time is it were you live

    This must be the most ridiculous thread ever lol... Just why?
  22. My new pics

  23. Bros: Why do you sag your pants?

    I mostly sag just under my dxck sometimes I let it fall to mid thigh if I'm really turned on only time I don't sag under dxck is at work then it's about half ass I do it because it feels gr8 and looks cool
  24. Let's get the ball rolling what time is were you live at It's 12:06am Thrusday Morning in Chicago,IL USA
  25. Hey Lee, really nice sag in those microfiber undies.  You have an exquisite ass.

    1. Lee249


      Aww thanks buddy :) 

  26. Last week
  27. Hey Krister, love the new sagging photo.  They are so hot and sexy, especially with those underwear.  Where did you get those pants?

    1. Krister


      Thanks, I like them myself although I hesitated a littke before buying them. I got them from a big, local bikers shop, where I could try different models and sizes. Actually bought another pair cause I could not dicede. They are not for summer heat, so I have to wait before I take them to everyday use.

  28. I have and it's really facinating. I enjoy his views on the show.
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