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  3. Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

    Those guys have another video where they sag: around 1:44.
  4. New Album Release

  5. Sneakers fetish

    Yep, pretty cool.
  6. Sneakers fetish

    Hell yeah I’m into skate shoes especially high tops. Gotta be laced nice and loose. Cool sneakers make a guy so much hotter.
  7. New Album Release

    “I got a million things on mind, putting dilly in line. don’t free my dilly from prison. I’m on the phone with a *****. who can’t. do ****. Cuz she a hoe with brain the size of a tit. Give that dilly some jelly”
  8. IMG_0620.JPG

    Great sag!
  9. Horny

    Boxers. Any guy (myself included) in boxers, puffed out from the back of their pants.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Sagging pants and getting horny

    Yeah, sagging can lead to nudity, since both are pretty horny.
  12. What are you wearing right now?

    Blue tank top black Dickie's work pants with black with a orange waistband Adidas Boys Long Leg Boxer Briefs and Grey Nike Crew socks
  13. Dirtiness fetish

    That's really clean! Bet you smell really nice--different smell from the dirtier folk,
  14. What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Hot and Humid In the Windy City. My balls are sticking to my thighs and I got a bad case of swamp ass and swamp balls
  15. A Or B?

    69 position because I will be licking her pussy and clit and she will be sucking on my rock hard shaft and both of us will cum at the same time A hairy Beaver or a clean shaven Beaver Beaver = pussy
  16. Sagging pants and getting horny

    I love to be nude all the time. Every time I go to my girlfriend house because her and her brother's love to be nude too. I am going to her house to go swimming and I will be nude in the pool.
  17. Dirtiness fetish

    Now in the warmer months I shower 2 twice a day and I have a can of Axe or Lynx in the car and wet wipes so I wipe my arm pits and ball sack and in between my legs and balls and extra pair of socks, underwear and a fresh shirt
  18. Anyone in London wanna sag together on Monday or Tuesday, 28th/29th? :)

  19. Dirtiness fetish

    I have to shower everyday but on occasion, I don't shower for a day or so, sometimes more than often, I don't wash my hands after peeing, and I sleep in my shorts and undies that I wear the next day to work, under my pants. I prefer to be clean unless I am camping, in which case, I really just have to wash my hair at least once every two days
  20. Sagging pants and getting horny

    Love to jerk when I am sagging my pants. Feels so natural
  21. Horny

    Yeah, that's dope. I imagine that looks pretty nice on a lady.
  22. Sagging pants and getting horny

    Yeah, I think it's pretty natural. You are not alone.
  23. Sagging pants and getting horny

    I think we all do here lol
  24. Does anyone ever get horny when sagging there pants in public or when at home? And does anyone ever jerk off when Sagging there pants and enjoy jerking off when Sagging there pants??
  25. Last week
  26. Horny

    I'm straight so I hope it's okay I answer, but I REALLY have a thing for girls wearing leather boots... I think it's super hot...
  27. Superdry boxers

  28. dedesagger video's

    Yo, man, hit me up if you wanna talk (private message). I don't think we live close (I'm in the Midwest, US) to hang out, though.
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