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  3. Up for some PDX sagging??

  4. Up for some PDX sagging??

  5. Up for some PDX sagging??

  6. Up for some PDX sagging??

  7. Saggerworlds choice

  8. Looking to see if there are any guys out here who might have or be interested in ski masks/balaclavas as a fetish (specifically, guys wearing them during sex acts). Would love to chat with other interested folks thru Kik. PM me for Kik info if interested.
  9. New member here ✋

  10. Saggerworlds choice

    Hey, really cool.
  11. Add my Skype Ben.sagger 

  12. Random sags September 2017

    Made some random pics outside, insdie the house and in the car.
  13. Last week
  14. I got tasered and put in those SWAT team zip tie cuffs in nothing but my boxers and made to sit down on the sidewalk like that and they searched everything this morning.. ******* sucks.

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    2. Dillon


      one probe got caught on my boxers ,  so when the medics finally came they  actually cut my boxers to get the probe out bro.. I'll show ya

    3. l101


      **** Dillon it seems like you can't catch a break with the cops.  I am so sorry. 

    4. Dillon
  15. I hate the function to set another ones picture as your own profile picture. First - why would I wanna do that, and second, without any confirmation whenever I happen to missclick, thats really annoying.

    1. TheOther1


      It is a pretty weird function, but you are the first person I've ever heard mention it ;)

    2. saggbboo


      It is an absolutely fabulous function to have! You can pretend to be anyone you want for a day hahaha

  16. Saggerworlds Choice

    Pics for ppl who ask for pics in thread all pics will go here starting with these
  17. Saggerworlds choice

  18. pink

  19. Be my master

    That isn't true. He is only on the wrong site? On this site is only young well-formed guys ? and perhaps some not so well-formed and young?
  20. muddy

  21. Saggerworlds choice

    Double sag or single I'll try both lol
  22. Holidays sagging pics

    I had an idea where on each holiday I would take pics sagging in festive boxers. I'll celebrate the holidays with everyone bc exposing my sag exposes my holiday celebration lol Would like ideas of what boxers to celebrate with by showing. Will buy too from store. Also if u guys would like to have me show my holiday spirit by different types of underwear.
  23. Autumn 2017

    This pic is so hot 😍
  24. What are you wearing right now?

    Grey Nike sweats and white Armani bbs
  25. Be my master

    Im sorry?
  26. What are you wearing right now?

    black nike compression shorts, black jeans, white adidas trackies, white t shirt.
  27. Fall 2017

  28. What are you wearing right now?

    Short grey tee, black trackies, pink bawbags. Got a visitor in 30 mins coming to look at a bike I am selling. I have decided not to pull up my trackies until he has gone. Who knows how low they will be by then? Lol.
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