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  2. Christmas wishes

    In Hungary the new-born little Jesus brings the presents. But for me (even tho I haven't bought it yet) it will be a light grey super skinny jeans
  3. Today
  4. Christmas wishes

    Maybe nice hi-top sneakers, and at least a nice pair of boxer briefs
  5. Christmas wishes

    It's only a week away now, so what item of sagging clothing are you hoping Father Christmas (Santa in the usa) will bring you as a present?
  6. Two great vids.

    Yeah the first video was filmed and posted by me!
  7. I wanted to share some pics on my fave tumblr page, but it's not working 😥

  8. thursdays hot album

    Someone else's boxers, low sag, piss sag, wet sag, trainers and chav sag. I pick the chav sag. Love a good hands down trackies image
  9. Two great vids.

    Could've improvised during the vid haha & adjusted the sag
  10. Two great vids.

    Haha! I’m so glad lol. Happened to a friend years ago he was giving me a backie, was ok the back of his bike and the saddle went up his loose grey sweatpants. Was an awesome view
  11. Yesterday
  12. It was only enabled after my last post so figured you would see it then
  13. This topic can be closed if needed. I've just found it Thx for the replies
  14. N'aucun problème Je tu remercie
  15. @TheOther1, I've tried it. I've searched all the settings but there's nothing to be found which concerns this isssue Maybe it'll drop onto my screen someday Thx though
  16. Je ne pourrais pas t'aider, désolé
  17. Yeah, same case again here. It is disabled though Arthiel could re-enable if went into the settings I guess. @Arthiel try and figure it out now
  18. thursdays hot album

    finally i have everything i need to make the best album ever, vote for as many a you like, thursdays my day off but if i get time during the week ill start snapping, sorry to all who have voted in the past, may this be your consolidation prize, the album will be posted thursday by 10pm UK time, please get involved and ger as many involved as for xmas i want this to end the year.
  19. Someone else also had this problem a few months ago, I think it was disabled for him for some reason.
  20. Hi all .. I've been searching the site over a few times .. but I can't find to seem how to put a status update .. Anyone can help me out? Bonjour à tous! J’ai cherché sur le site quelques fois... mais je ne trouve pas comment mettre une mise à jour... Quelqu'un peut m'aider ? Thank you:)
  21. Two great vids.

    Not my fault about that It was getting in the way lol
  22. Two great vids.

    His jeans keep getting caught on the saddle and pulled down
  23. Two great vids.

  24. A Or B?

    I use the electric razor when I am driving into work. Shaving and driving is legal in my state
  25. Last week
  26. Hmm.... I read a PM from someone saying it you using another account. Just replied to it. Was that you bro? 

  27. A Or B?

    Manual Razor. Electric is good, but shaving manually is so refreshing and gives a tidy finish. I have the option of both. Electric doesn't have the desired effect, although it's quicker, especially at 6am. Santa or his Old Wrinkley Mrs? Hahahaha
  28. What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Nice mild sunny day the high of 46 degrees Fahrenheit or 8 degrees Celsius but below average for snow fall this year
  29. Two great vids.

    Stumbled across this lush sag surfing YouTube last night after work. This one also caught my attention... You might recognise him as he does some maintenance on his BMX. Love that style & low sag!
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